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Portals and CMS – Why You Need Them Both

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1 Portals and CMS – Why You Need Them Both

2 Route map Environmental scan What is a CMS? What is a Portal? How does the CMS relate to the Portal? Demo (maybe some magic, if theres time) Some reflections

3 True confessions … We dont (yet) have a centrally supported CMS We dont have an institutional portal We plan to have made decisions on both by August 2002 What follows is a mix of vaporware, prototypes and incomplete understanding

4 Environmental scan I From the viewpoint of a research-led University say five years ago: –The Web is not life threatening –The Web is another hassle – what is it replacing? –Were over-subscribed with well qualified candidates Itll be very expensive to put a server in Mexico

5 The pre-millennial Web A hobby for someone Apache on a file system Highly manual methods of content creation and maintenance In effect a read-only medium A spot of Perl A Webmaster Let the professionals get back to serious computing Three clicks away from crap

6 Environmental scan II From the viewpoint of a research-led University today: –DDA 1995 & SENDA 2001 –September 2002 –Perhaps the Web is career threatening? Lets re-do the Web to make it accessible Lets re-paint the Forth Road Bridge again and again and again Lets work harder rather than smarter

7 The pre-millennial Web cant scale The pre-millennial Web is broken We need a Web Content Management System: –A web site is like a dog – its for life –We need to move beyond the Freds in the Shed –We need a dynamic, automated, write-enabled, de-skilled Web ….. –….. supported by a multi-skilled Web Team (who never touch the content)

8 The content life cycle

9 The defining features of a CMS A CMS has substantial overlaps with DMS, VLEs, Groupware, Weblogs, Portals …. Browning & Lowndes (2001) –Versioning (checkout/in, rollback) –Workflow –Integration (joinupability) Not a finished product; a concept, a set of processes, a framework CMSPortal x x

10 The most desirable features of a CMS 1.Template-based self-service authoring for non-technical content providers (frictionless publishing) 2.Roles-based security 3.Workflow management - submit, review, approve, archive 4.Integration with existing data/databases and user authentication systems 5.Metadata management 6.Flexible output - write once, publish many times (IWMW, 2000)

11 The Prospectus in 5 BC (Before Cms) E-mail Fax Fag packet Annotated copy of last years Word Departments Word Admissions Page Maker Marketing Printer Third party Webmaster Web pages Fourth party

12 The Prospectus in 5 AC (After Cms) Browser Web pages Printer DepartmentsAdmissionsMarketing Web Team Browser Standard Text-to- speech CD-ROM CMS Robot

13 CMS in 2002 If you havent got one or arent thinking about getting one then you either: – Have a web site of less than 100 pages or – Have a web site with less than three authors or – Are probably dead meat

14 Portal = MLE = VLE + CMS Content Management System (CMS) eStrategy = an institutional understanding of these relationships?

15 What is a portal? Aggregates information and applications one stop shop Is personalised or groupilised one size does not fit all Aspires to be your desktop on the Web Webtop A portal:

16 Examples of portals Law Intranet Blackboard Amazon Tesco LSE for You TABS CHANNELS or PORTLETS

17 The benchmark? LSE For You Room BookingStudent Photo BoardsTuition Fees Address MaintenanceEmergency ContactsPrivate Accommodation Exam ResultsReprographics UsageReprographics Jobs Mailing ListsTeaching TimetablePayslips Examination DetailsClass MailerLocate a Study Room TranscriptsDPA ConsentLSE Experts Application ProgressCollect Network AccountAlumni Employment Modules (=channels) already implemented

18 The benchmark? LSE For You Room BookingTeaching Timetable

19 The benchmark? LSE For You Address MaintenanceTuition Fees

20 What is a portal architecture? Why bother? Webified PIMS IRIS BOFINS BORIS Coda Dolphin Before (i.e. now) ….. Pseudo- webified Desk- topped Invisible Lots of stovepipes of variable length … User confusion?

21 What is a portal architecture? Aggregation Webified PIMS IRIS BOFINS BORIS Coda Dolphin After ….. Pseudo- webified Desk- topped Extending, bending and merging the stovepipes … PORTALISED Portal framework Portal ? ? Happy User

22 What is a portal architecture? Personalisation = stickiness After ….. Portal framework Portal Casual visitorProspective student HoD Staff Student Show Room Back Office Multiple views depending on user and/or device Prospective employee

23 Ahem …. dont some CMS do … Aggregation (a.k.a. syndication)? Personalisation? And other bits of a portal framework? Conversant, Frontier (News/magazine type) Vignette, Broadvision (E-business/e-commerce type) Zope + CMF (Framework type) Yes …. Which is why you need to be clear about the join between the CMS and the portal

24 Dogs dinner alert I …. what follows are just sketches by someone with a poor sense of screen design aimed at demonstrating some concepts a future portal will not look like this!

25 The back office – student1 EDIT EDIT PAY

26 The back office - staff UniversityofBristol Search MyBristolLibraryToolsPublish NewsandEvents Timetable Filestore Courses BOFINS Bookmarks STAFF Myparking Myhome address Mynext ofkin EDIT EDIT PAY Porpoise

27 The back office – student2 UniversityofBristol Search MyBristolLibraryToolsPublish

28 The back office – a customisable Webtop UniversityofBristol Search MyBristolLibraryToolsPublish PublishOfficefile: Wegot15five-stars! wyziwyg zlave View of CMS and other content repositories to which you have write access TTW editing into CMS Tools to automagically upload, convert and publish Office files The portal is fundamentally content-free – the CMS holds the content

29 What makes a good portal framework? Interoperable (open standards) Agnostic Secure Flexible (incl. skins) Stable, scaleable, supportable Future proof

30 Candidate portal frameworks? Blackboard Level 2 Blackboard Level 3 - Now BB Learning System £32k/annum + <= £60k consultancy for set-up ? Zope Long list of payware options Short list –Oracle Portal ? –uPortal ?

31 Demo Is there time? If not, and youd like see it, then back here @ 17:30

32 Oracle Portal demo Glasgow Caledonian

33 uPortal demo Delaware

34 Dogs dinner alert II …. what follows is a proto-prototype constructed by staff with other day jobs and some students no concessions made w.r.t. usability or presentation running on a desktop PC aimed at demonstrating some concepts: Aggregation Integration Personalisation Customisation a future portal will not look or work like this!

35 uPortal demo Bristol out of the box Bristol prototype

36 What is a portal architecture? Servlet container Portal framework XML/XSLT Content Application server Browsers Authentication service PIMS, etc Database File system Message store News store RSS feeds Anything XML CMS (Zope) Views depending on user and/or device WAP PDF Disabled Applicant Portal channel The portal is fundamentally content-free – the CMS holds the content

37 LoadsaXs to get our heads round XML XSLT XHTML XML XSLT Application or Data XHTML Browser Printer WAP uPortal We all need a Sebastian Rahtz!

38 Some reflections CMS Portal Siloware vs. Glueware Senior managers Whos the CTO? IWMW 2003 Putting lipstick on bulldogs

39 CMS Portal

40 How wed like things to be …. SIS Portal framework Digital Library CMS DNER Agnostic, open standards compliant – plugs and sockets

41 … but how it often is SIS Portal framework Digital Library CMS DNER Siloware just sockets – do it our way

42 Doncha love Senior Managers? Why cant we just use Google? We dont need a portal – we just need a well-designed Web site Our SIS is Best of Breed so it must be good Why cant we just use Outlook and Exchange?

43 Whos the CTO? Your Director of IT Services? UCISA? Siloware is often golfcourseware –It gets sold to senior executives by smooth-talking sales executives who claim their products solve every conceivable business problem, is a doddle to install, standards compliant, holographic user interfaces, everything. SCONUL? ALT? JISC? eEnvoy? Whos the CIO? We need to be investing in glueware and the people who can use it

44 The Scaleable Web (IWMW 2003) Making it easy for the end-user means more complexity behind the scenes The increasing dynamic Web will start to fail as sites get busier Who in your institution is looking at: –Load balancing –Clustering –Cacheing Amazon & Tesco have Overlaps with the GRID?

45 The technology is the easier bit "The worst thing you can do is to Web- enable a bad process," said Friedlein. "As a client once put it: 'There's no point in putting lipstick on a bulldog,'" he added. Getting content management strategy rightGetting content management strategy right, ZD Net UK, Dec 12th, 2001, Geoff Choo From Information Strategy to eStrategy? Future performance target: Four clicks away from 7x24 crap


47 From Desktop to Webtop An Information Systems Strategy? Operational processing Maintrix CARB PIMS Dolphin Coda User Aleph Envision Sports stellar DataHub Corporate information eclipse DataHaven Information deployment fsb Web Application server IRIS VIOLET Many readers, some writers Multiple views, depending on role Show Room Back Office HEROProspective employee The Portal Prospective studentCasual visitor HESA HoD Staff Student

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