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The South Yorkshire e-learning Programme Ian Chowcat (Director of and Vernon Jones (SME Project Manager)

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1 The South Yorkshire e-learning Programme Ian Chowcat (Director of and Vernon Jones (SME Project Manager)

2 Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster c1.5 million population Former coal mining and steel manufacturing community (Formerly) Area of economic deprivation judged on EU standards Also some isolated rural communities e-learning driving much of the regeneration European Union funded The South Yorkshire e-Learning Programme

3 Objectives increase educational attainment address social inclusion reduce the digital divide increase the skills base to attract inward investment by high technology companies increase the ability and competitiveness of the business community in South Yorkshire

4 Targets 149 organisations upgraded 370 small businesses engaged 30,000 people helped to access e-learning 18,000 people achieving recognised ICT competence levels 1,800 trainers trained 14,000 people gaining a qualification 18,000 people participating in lifelong learning

5 Pilot starts May 2001 Contract awarded to RM May 2003 Phase 1 sites operational by Sept 2003 Launch of VLE Sept 2003 Phase 2 sites operational by April 2004 Radical change to VLE April 2005 Calendar year 2005 – most critical year All small businesses operational by Oct 2005 Objective 1 EU funding ceases December 2006 Timeline

6 10 to 63 years of age Schools – primary(final year) and secondary 14 – 19 – schools, colleges and work based Tertiary – FE colleges and work based Community – extended schools, libraries, community centres etc. SME – variety of business types and market sectors

7 sub-regional VLE 24/7 content repository student tracking all secondary schools all FE colleges community access SMEs Creative & Digital SMEs High tech manufacturing SMEs Environmental SMEs Bio-sciences SMEs Financial Services feeder primary schools Libraries, community centres etc. cluster networks of 370 SMEs network of 149 organisations SMEs 30% general ©

8 RESOURCESRESOURCES laptops/tablets wireless LANs ICT training content whiteboards

9 Ofsted judgement KS3/KS4 Information Technology

10 % KS 4 pupils achieving national award in ICT

11 SMEs – What is on offer and why? Site budget for – –Hardware –Software –Staff development To create a learning culture throughout South Yorkshire To raise the skills levels of individuals and organisations throughout South Yorkshire To enhance companies development of ICT and e-learning

12 Hardware/Software POD - Point of Delivery system consists of a stand-alone multi-media PC with a work station booth and chair Learning Centre – Typically: A POD Notebook PCs Desktop PCs

13 What training is on offer? MS Office Skills Word Excel Access Outlook Powerpoint Basic Skills Literacy Numeracy Personal & Workplace Time Management Health & Safety Communication Basic ICT Skills The Internet & e-Mail Keyboard Skills ECDL HR Management Presentation Skills Communication Skills Equal Opportunities Health & Safety Legislation Management Meetings Skills Health & Safety Equal Opportunities Appraisals Advanced ICT Skills E-commerce Networks Internet Security Web Page Design Hardware Support

14 Progress to date Recruitment by Area

15 Learning Opportunities Pledged Learning Opportunities Actual

16 Learning Champions Trained Learning Cascaded (2 nd TNA visit)

17 Over 4,500 SME Training Beneficiaries engaged VLE – Course Engagement

18 Recruitment - assesses suitability of engaged SMEs. Addtionality – value added to the business. Displacement – effect upon the business with regard to its competitors. Multiplier Effect – influence on the local economy. Deadweight – the value the SME places on the service provided. Delivery & Impact – satisfaction and integration. VLE & Content – capability to meet SME expectations. Evaluation & Monitoring System

19 First Draft Evaluation & Monitoring Report Conclusions Comfortable that the SME element is on target and on track. Recognise that the contract is being met to both the letter and spirit of the contract. Indicates that businesses value, and are prepared to pay for, the training opportunities and service offered by Highlights that companies wish to see continuation of the programme past the end date of December 2006.

20 Lessons Learned Engagement must have support throughout ALL of the recipient organisations Tailored training When in Rome ………… Content doesnt just happen Sustainability doesnt just happen

21 Regional Content Team 4 Learning Technologists 1 Technologist/Team Leader Team – broad portfolio of skills Open source ethos Organise learning objects into structured packages Create a databank of assessments and multiple choice schemes Identify gaps in content provision Negotiate aggregation of demand Maintain metatagging Advise on accessibility Collate and disseminate knowledge accrued (action researchers) Hacker enthusiast, artist, problem -solver, expert (Eric S.Raymond)


23 A vehicle for generating and directing sufficient funds to cover running costs and future development. A continuation of the partnership of the 4 local authorities Creating sustainability and guiding the commercial legacy Further development of ICT skills and new support mechanisms across family, community and business learning Social Economy Enterprise Company

24 The® programme, which is revolutionising learning opportunities in South Yorkshire, has been awarded the very first prestigious SEEL Quality for e-Learning Regions and Cities Award 2004. In the view of the panel, South Yorkshires e-learning programme is a model that could be transferred and adapted to other regions in Europe® Gets SEEL of Approval

25 Biggest Lesson The early bird may get the worm, but …………. Its the second mouse that gets the cheese!! Steven Wright


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