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Oaklands College Q Project 2004/5 Introduction of Mimio Interactive Whiteboards.

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1 Oaklands College Q Project 2004/5 Introduction of Mimio Interactive Whiteboards

2 Mimio demonstrations Datetimevenue/campus Nov 8 3 –4 C1 – SAC Nov 8 4-5 C1 – SAC Nov 10 9-10 BA411 - SAC Nov 10 10-11 BA411 – SAC Nov 11 12.15 – 1.15 B001 – WGC Nov 11 3.30-4.30 B001 – WGC Nov 11 4.30 –5.30 B001 – WGC Nov 15 3.00 SMF Dec 20 10.00 BWD Covering choice of times and all campus locations Sent out to all Academic staff to request their choice

3 Helpful Information on display in classrooms

4 Setting up the Mimio – if using a portable version Connect laptop/computer to the projector (Hitachi) Plug the lead into the base of the Mimio. Securely stick it to the white board using the suction cups (remember not to stick it too high to ensure you can reach the upper settings) Connect Mimio to computer Connect Network cable to the computer (if required) Switch on projector before switching on computer Set projector screen so that the mimio is positioned a few inches above and to the left of the projected screen! Click on MimioNotepad icon on the desktop (or via Start > Programs > Mimio) Callibrate the white board by tapping in the centre of the as it moves around the board.

5 Put the tool down when you want to do something else Click on If the screen is frozen You are probably in Screen Mark Up mode – click on If you want to save the screen Click on To show slide show Use Full Screen and arrows Points to Remember

6 Mimo demonstrations

7 Land Based Industries Friday 11 February 2005 12.00 – 1.00 Portable version Saving notes New presentation Text box Tools – pens, shapes Save Backgrounds Save Insert images Save Internet Hide and reveal Save Keyboard Presentation Demonstration

8 Mimio workshop Mimio Notebook can be used as stand alone on your PC to assemble and arrange material for later interactive presentation at the whiteboard.

9 Mimio can be used to add or annotate your Microsoft Office documents during presentation at the whiteboard. Mimio workshop

10 from Desktop or Start >programmes And Tools (if necessary) Tools - click on Interactive (bottom right hand corner) Calibrate File – open (network area > demo …..) Open mimio notebook

11 Using Mimio interactive A tool for presenting information with full computer control while at the whiteboard. Giving you additional mark up screen and presentation tools.

12 Click on Web browser – type web page Interactivity Screen Mark up Drawing tools Mouse Interactive

13 Draw - Pen (pen, colour/width, line/arrows, highlighter) Remember to cancel drawing tool Select object – move/change colour Back to Mouse (2 nd button from left on bottom row) Click on right arrow to move to next page Learner participation mark-ups

14 Use mouse pen drag boxes into correct order Screen mark up (to save exercise) Back to Mouse Close Full screen Drag and Drop exercises

15 Double click 1 st page Full Screen Click on arrows to move through pages Optional:Hide and reveal Tools can be minimised Close full screen Save as …… Review

16 Inserting Backgrounds and Images

17 Exercise 1 Exercise 2


19 Excellent for ESOL students Double click on pdf. document (twice) to open

20 Various handouts Developed to suit training delivered Individual requirements Variety of uses copies available

21 Using Mimio Tools penhighlightereraserLine/arrowshapesText box Minimise tools box mouseScreen markups Cancel drawing/pen etc tool Right click keyboardspotlightreveal Web browser Interactive Import picture

22 Mimio Toolbox contains most of the controls, and floats in a small box either in Mimio Studio (where you draw and write) or over the top of other programs so the tools are always available When you mouse over the icons the names are mostly self-explanatory. If you select the text tool and then keyboard for example, you can type on the board. On the bottom row are some key controls: This moves control of the board to the interactive pen. The first time you do this you will be asked to calibrate the screen. When you are using the interactive pen instead of a mouse you click this button to see features which would normally result from a right click of the mouse. This moves control back to the mouse and keyboard of the PC or laptop. This starts screen mark up mode so that you can write or highlight on top of other screens such as power point presentations or when demonstrating software.

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