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Welcome! Algebra/Geometry Mrs. Martinez Mrs. White Mrs. Whitesides.

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1 Welcome! Algebra/Geometry Mrs. Martinez Mrs. White Mrs. Whitesides

2 Student Expectations Come to class prepared each day with: Notebook, textbook, agenda, pencils, completed assignment, questions ready Ask for help – don’t wait until you are lost! Be responsible for your own actions

3 Units of Study Algebra: Solving/graphing linear and quadratic equations Writing equations that model linear and quadratic situations Solving systems of linear equations Geometry: Parallel and perpendicular lines Polygons Triangle properties Basic Trigonometry Circles

4 Homework Policy Assignments are given almost every block and are due the following block. Homework is a formative grade but completion of it is CRITICAL to success! Assignments are listed on our webpages in the calendar section. Students should show ALL work and check ODD problems in the back of the book.

5 Grading Student’s grade is determined by performance on summative assessments (quizzes/tests). Students MUST sit for the Mid-Term Exam the week of January 20-January 24. Students MUST sit for the Final Exam during the last week of school (June 9-June 13)! Please plan accordingly!!!!!

6 SOL Information SOL tests will be administered in May In order to earn a verified credit, students must pass the SOL and the course. If a student does not pass but earns a minimum score (set by the state), he or she will have the opportunity to re-test before the end of the school year.

7 Expunging/Repeating Students have the option to expunge the final grade and repeat Algebra or Geometry. If your student selects this option but passes the SOL, he or she will not re- test the following year.

8 Frequently Asked Questions What if my student misses class? As both courses move quickly, absences can be a problem. If a student is absent, he/she should check the teacher’s website for information or check with the teacher upon returning to school.

9 Frequently Asked Questions Are there opportunities for extra help? Resource may be an option depending on your student’s schedule. We offer after school help every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 3:30 - 4:20. Students who want to stay need to bring in a written note from a parent giving permission. Students should arrive with a specific Math task to work on.

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