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Peer Review and Development Groups Support for Excellence Programme - Huddle.

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1 Peer Review and Development Groups Support for Excellence Programme - Huddle

2 2 Huddle Huddle is a network of secure online workspaces where all your team can come together to work on documents, plan projects and collaborate on ideas. Each individual workspace (or 'huddle') contains documents, notes, reminders and information on the work of your PRD groups work. On receipt of your signed MOU you will be provided with access to Huddle

3 3 Huddle Each PRD group lead will be invited to join a regional Huddle. The team lead then invites the remaining group members to join a huddle group (see slide 7 for more details) Within this regional Huddle, each team has designated private access to their group drawers / folders and also to a generic drawer / folder accessible by all teams in the region (please see slide 10 for more details) All groups will also shortly have the option to join a national Huddle that will allow sharing of documentation and whiteboard conversations across the regions

4 4 Before you can access a huddle, you will need to be invited. This will take the form of an email… Click here to register

5 5 You will then need to register

6 6 And then, as group lead, invite your team to join you Click here to invite others

7 7 And then invite your team to join you (2)

8 8 Storing / sharing documents Click here to see how documents can be stored

9 9 Drawers Within the filing cabinet you will see a number of drawers (or folders) that can be used to store documents

10 10 Drawers (2) When storing documents in the drawers please note that the Documents (Contents visible to all groups) drawer is visible to all PRD groups The other drawers (and hence documents inside) can only be viewed by members of your PRD group Please remember to save your Maturity Matrix and Evaluative Reports in the Feedback and Reporting drawer – this will make it easier for the regional team to collate them

11 11 Adding a document To add a document to a drawer, click on the chosen drawer itself (on the left hand side) and then this button

12 12 Adding a document (2) Select the documents you would like to upload by browsing for them on your computer

13 13 The Whiteboard (Huddle message board) Click here to access the whiteboard page

14 14 The Whiteboard (2) Click here to add new whiteboard

15 15 The Whiteboard (3) Example titles Allows you to specify who the whiteboard is addressed to (i.e. your PRD group, all regional PRD groups etc)

16 16 The Whiteboard (3) The Whiteboard is essentially a message board that allows you to communicate with team members Once a Whiteboard has been created (by clicking on the Create Whiteboard button, slide 14) others can respond to it, hence allowing a conversation between the team Please note that it is possible to select who the Whiteboard is sent to, i.e. who the conversation is between. You can do this by clicking on the Notify others of your change button, shown on slide 15. The Whiteboard would be a useful tool to have conversations across regions (using the national Huddle)

17 17 The Calendar Click here to access the Calendar page

18 18 The Calendar (2) The calendar allows you to add tasks / milestones. Huddle will then notify team members when a due date is approaching (for example, as shown above, completion of first review)

19 19 Huddle Teams Click here to access the Teams page

20 20 Huddle Team (2)

21 21 Huddle Teams (3) The Huddle Teams tab is for viewing purposes only It allows you to see which other PRD Groups have joined Huddle within your LSC region, and the individual group members Using the national Huddle, it will be possible to identify PRD Groups that have joined Huddle in all regions

22 22 In difficulty? If you encounter difficulties but cannot find the answer to your query, click the Ask a Question tab at the top of the screen and enter your name, email address and question to contact the Huddle support team. Answers will be posted back to you as soon as possible and no question is ever ignored. If you prefer, you can contact the Huddle Support team directly. Contact details are: Tel: 08709 772 212 Email:

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