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Weather & Climate 4.1.

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1 Weather & Climate 4.1

2 Weather Temporary behavior of atmosphere (what’s going on at any certain time) Small geographic area Can change rapidly

3 Weather --The study of weather is meteorology
--Someone who studies weather is called a meteorologist

4 Climate Long-term behavior of atmosphere (100+ years)
Large geographic area Very slow to change


6 Factors That Affect Climate
Solar Energy and Greenhouse Effect Latitude and Solar Energy Heat Transport in the Biosphere

7 Solar Energy and Greenhouse Effect
Main source of heat that affects our climate is solar energy that strikes earth’s surface. Some of that heat is radiated back into space. Our atmosphere is also made up of gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and water vapor that allow light to enter but trap heat; called the greenhouse effect.

8 Greenhouse Gas Clip

9 Latitude and Solar Energy
Earth’s tilt causes a difference in heat distribution creates three different climate zones: tropical, temperate, and polar As Earth revolves around the sun, solar radiation strikes different regions at angles that vary from summer to winter.

10 POLAR 90o -60o latitude Cool summers, cold year-round Dry

11 TEMPERATE 60o-30o latitude True Seasons Variety of climate patterns
Moderate precipitation (rain/snow)

12 TROPICAL 30o - equator No winter, warm year-round
High temp, rainfall, humidity

13 Global Winds Caused by the temperature difference in different regions
Hot Tropical Regions—causes air to rise Cold polar Regions—causes air to sink


15 How does the Ocean affect weather?
Ocean currents affect the temperature of the land they pass by Cold ocean currents = cooling effect Warm ocean currents = warming effect Temperature changes affect pressure – which then creates WINDS Winds blow this cooling or warming effect over the land


17 What are the 3 things that affect our climate?
Solar energy and greenhouse gases Latitude Wind/Ocean currents

18 What are the 3 regions produced by the difference in solar energy?
Polar Temperate Tropic

19 How do winds and currents transport heat?
Winds/currents are heated which cause them to rise; but they release that heat and drop due to being cold.

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