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Welcome! The Active Citizenship Extended Project Exmouth Community College.

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1 Welcome! The Active Citizenship Extended Project Exmouth Community College

2 About the College Exmouth Community College is an 11-18 mixed comprehensive with over 2500 students. The catchment area is mixed urban and rural. Post 16 - over 350 full time students At Key Stage 5 the College offers a wide range of Level 2 and 3 courses both vocational and GCE. There are over 30 separate A Level courses. Post 16 provision has been judged to be good by both Ofsted and the Audit Commission.Ofsted report September 2006 rated the college as good. Member of the LSDA Post 16 Citizenship Project

3 Current Citizenship Provision at Key Stage 5. Citizenship elements are a core feature of the common Personal Development Programme. All Level 2 students follow the GCSE Short Course as a part of their vocational programme. GCE AS Citizenship is offered as an optional course for students in Years 12 and 13. GCE AS Citizenship is offered as a voluntary top up course to Year 12 students who are taking either GCE, Politics, Law or Sociology.

4 Taking Part in the Pilot. Additional voluntary option for Year 12/13 GCE Sociology students. 20 volunteered, 12 completed. No additional timetable time was created. Format:- Lead Talks, Mentoring sessions with University of Plymouth PGCE Secondary Citizenship students and review meetings with College staff Started the Project in late November and assessed students late April. Successful –YES. Students enjoyed the work, range of community activity, made learning and assessment REAL AND PERSONAL!

5 2006/7 Provision. The Extended Project is a part of the timetable blockings. The Active Citizenship Project will be offered in September to a wider range of Level 3 students. We are assuming two groups. GCE AS Citizenship will be built into the Programme. The delivery format will comprise:- mentoring sessions and workshops regarding ; core concepts, the programme of study, research, active citizenship, functional and presentational skills. Level 2 students will undertake elements of this programme to develop their GCSE coursework and as a bridge to Level 3 courses the following year. A new specialist Citizenship member of staff has been appointed.

6 The Future A Post 16 Citizenship Entitlement Programme for all students. 2008 All Level 3 students undertake an Extended Project. 2008 Both GCE AS and A2 Citizenship be included in the open curriculum offer. Develop the Personal Development Programme for all Post 16 students to include elements of the Extended Project thereby involving a wide range of subject teachers in order to broaden students understanding of citizenship.

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