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1 Developing Assignments using the assessment grid.

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1 1 Developing Assignments using the assessment grid

2 2 The assessment grid The banner heading - the evidence to be produced to meet the requirements of each unit Three columns - the evidence to be produced to meet the grading criteria

3 3 Developing assignments using the assessment grid An assignment must be clear in its demands Match the learning being developed Provide opportunities for producing the evidence required to pass the unit Provide opportunities for higher grades

4 4 Developing assignment -2 Develop and apply knowledge, skills and understanding in relevant vocational contexts Is relevant, motivating and engaging to the students Provides opportunities for developing key skills and producing evidence

5 5 Models of delivery Whole unit approach Breaking down into grading bands Tasks within grading boundaries Task across units - developing skills and understanding

6 6 Approaches and styles Differentiation within tasks - allows for all grades within the tasks Differentiation by task - separate tasks for each assessment criteria Differentiation by response - responsibility of the student and judged on the evidence produced

7 7 Use of Templates Consistency of approach across a whole team/subject area Students and staff become familiar with expected format Helps to ensure everything is covered

8 8 Front sheets should include: Name Unit Deadline date Assessor Assessment decision Identification of key skills Feedback Signature of assessor & student Assignment submission

9 9 Setting the assessment The assignment tasks Clear detailed information Numbered Guidance on length of piece of work Advice on grading criteria

10 10 Resourcing the assignment. What resources should be made available to students? Books Email/Internet CD Rom Experts Telephone

11 11 Administrative processes to support assessment minimum paperwork maximum efficiency Tracking and mapping Annotation of work - How assessors should annotate students work - identify where the evidence is. Logging and ticking - Recording students evidence Systems to support assessment and moderation - Internal Verification form for records. Evaluation of existing procedures and good practice - QA/Course Review

12 12 Guidelines to successful assessment Ensure that assignments will generate sufficient evidence and it is valid evidence Ensure that there are sufficient grading opportunities within the assignment Students understand the assessment procedure Each assignment has a standard assessment front sheet which is clear and relevant Students work to tight deadlines to ensure consistency and fairness Provide continual guidance and support Assess the work against the criteria set

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