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How do we protect and save our planet?

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1 How do we protect and save our planet?

2 Are The oceans one of our most valuable resources?

3 Are Deserts Growing?

4 Christianity speaks of a moral duty to not destroy God’s creation.

5 If God created the world people should respect the creator by showing devotion and respect for the earth.

6 Our history and environment are part of who we are aren’t they?

7 Climate change, The Greenhouse Effect, Pollution, Deforestation, Desertification, Over Population, Disease, Genetically altered crops, Extinction and starvation are threatening our world


9 Flooding in the USA is this as a result of climate change?

10 Will this get better or worse?

11 The sun’s ultra violet rays are causing skin cancer

12 Is there a hidden danger here?

13 How likely is there to be an increase in Skin cancer ?

14 Can these people stop the desert ?

15 Are we using up fossil fuels at an alarming rate?
Can the Oil supplies last forever?


17 When we buy exotic fruit it has travelled lots of miles to be in the supermarket and this equals pollution and greed

18 What is going to happen with all the rubbish??????



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