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What The Initiative Seeks To Do

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1 Better Funding For Services For People With A Learning Disabilities - Learning Disability Coalition
What The Initiative Seeks To Do Persuade the government that more funding is necessary and can be found for learning disabilities. The Story So Far December 2008 research shows numbers needing care up by 3-5% How We Know The Initiative Is A Success Department of Health accepts figures e.g. population going up Department of Health Acknowledge legitimacy of campaign Next Steps Campaign based on research and cost benefit of early interventions and interventions for people with moderate learning disabilities.

2 Kissing It Better Independent website (Personal Initiative) www
Kissing It Better Independent website (Personal Initiative) What The Initiative Seeks To Do Highlight how simple ideas can make the world of difference The Story So Far The website was recently launched Feedback has been made, the site has been well accepted How We Know The Initiative Is A Success Feedback has been made Personal contact People are willing to share their stories with us Next Steps Sustainability - funding Promotion through media Spreading the word

3 The Orders of St John Care Trust
What The Initiative Seeks To Do To ensure person centred care reflects the whole person and not just their physical care needs Create a social interactive tool The Story So Far Staff trained to enable clients to complete life histories Discussions/meetings with clients/families/friends How We Know The Initiative Is A Success Much better interaction between staff resident and family Respect for the person and their past lives knowledge that enables staff to understand clients with dementia and other social care needs Next Steps To continue with programme across all specialities To introduce memory books so the person is remembered after death

4 Dignity Matrix (My Home Life) – Help the aged/Age concern
What The Initiative Seeks To Do Tool to measure whether organisations (primarily aimed at care homes) using dignity initiatives are meeting them From the users prospective The Story So Far Tool launched winter 2008/2009 (through my home life project available on web site) Four country participation How We Know The Initiative Is A Success Evaluation is integral to the process, timing of this will be notified Next Steps To be advised (information is not currently available)

5 Registration of Health & Social Care
What The Initiative Seeks To Do Central to the new registration system is a specific regulation on ‘respecting and involving service users’ This includes the need for the registered personnel provider as far as reasonably practicable to make suitable arrangements to ensure the dignity, privacy and independence of service users The Story So Far Scope of regulation consulted by Department of Health Guidance on compliance criteria for registration drafted and currently consulted on Feedback and involvement of public and people who use services in progress Proposals for working with LINks in future planned How We Know The Initiative Is A Success Compliance with registration criteria Many examples of high quality demonstrating users are treated with dignity and respect and human rights are protected Feedback from service user Next Steps Completion of consultation process Registration of health care providers April 2010 Registration of social care providers 2019

6 Promoting Dignity In Dementia Care Training Course – Anchor Trust
What The Initiative Seeks To Do Deliver training to staff from day care, home care and small residential care settings about person centred care and promoting dignity in dementia care The Story So Far Researching Development of course How We Know The Initiative Is A Success This is a pilot (September 2009) It builds upon and compliments the range of other 30+ courses delivered within the portfolio available from dementia Next Steps Deliver training

7 Standards and Values (Methodist homes –MHA Care Group)
What The Initiative Seeks To Do Evidence that we do what we say we do Commitment to the people we support and staff Support and share good practice Quality and service improvement The Story So Far Set up around 4 years ago Developed with lots of people who had something important to tell us A separate team spend 2 days in the home and provide a report and keep supporting them Helps us do things better but also helps the people who inspect us from outside see what we do Next Steps Review it each year Raise the pass mark each year Link with dementia champions Feel everyone should see dignity as part of what they are about All staff should deliver the values of the organisation How We Know The Initiative Is A Success The staff find the reports really helpful Just had our first audit where we scored good on everything (100%) Staff are proud and confident about what they do The people we support talk to us about their experiences – good and not so good

8 Behind Closed Doors - British Geriatrics Society
What The Initiative Seeks To Do Share ‘best practice’ for ‘toileting’ with dignity with professionals and individuals The Story So Far Set of standards developed and distributed to named hospital staff for care of older people How We Know The Initiative Is A Success Through word of mouth, the original print run of 5,000 leaflets and has since been reprinted FOUR times Difficult to assess and impact Next Steps Share standards more widely with the care home sector Expand the ‘standards’ to include personal hygiene and bed control (enabling people to eat sitting ‘out’ rather than ‘in’ bed

9 The Role Of Local Councillors Extending The Scope For Dignity
What The Initiative Seeks To Do To champion dignity as elected members To challenge how we deliver services Dignity central to commissioning Workforce/staff development notebooks outside social services e.g. leisure, libraries, parks, no-traditional organisations The Story So Far Collecting data on service use/non-use Two senior councillors lead on wellbeing (including dignity) Produced a dignity code published and launched Carers champion in place Free swimming for U18’s and over 60’s (real example of initiative being implemented How We Know The Initiative Is A Success Measuring the outcomes through data collection (against targets) engaging listening to service users) Ongoing process Positive results Next Steps Initiative needs to broaden across local strategic partnerships e.g. housing, community safety Needs to be raised to level of safeguarding adults – just as important Broaden across other councils – sharing best practice – driven by Local Government Association

10 Amanda Waring Films & Training Packs On Dignity
What The Initiative Seeks To Do Through the films what do you see etc…and the interactive training pack on dignity be able to support the emotional and spiritual aspects of the dignity and person centred care initiatives As a speaker at conferences Amanda aims to engage and inspire others to get involved and KEEP involved The Story So Far Amanda is the keynotes speaker at over 12 conferences this year and her films on end of life care will be ready in September 2009 Her films and the What Do You See training pack are being used by major organisations, hospitals, care homes and domiciliary organisations How We Know The Initiative Is A Success The films have sold in their thousands around the world and the feedback is constantly positive What do you see training pack is being used in care homes and by dignity champions Amanda is speaking regularly in End of Life issues and the media ask her to contribute to T.V, radio etc regularly too Next Steps To continue promoting the films on pack effective Dignity Training Aids To make a new film on intergenerational healing and to continue the campaigning around dignity and end of life care

11 Life Story Network What The Initiative Seeks To Do
Share good practice around life story networks Creating clearer understanding of the value of like work and networks on delivery of personalised care Develop sustainability for the work through research, commissioning and everyday delivery of care The Story So Far Builds on experience of individual carer, supported by local overview and Scrutiny Committee Held event in North on November 2008 – invitation out to share good practice – overwhelming support – more than 100 attendees – identified lots of exiting good practice Established small steering group convened (Chaired Ruth Eley) to develop and support network Short report on outcome of event and examples of good practice Ongoing discussions with Department of Health regarding hosting the network of the dignity webpage Seeking funding to appoint a part-time network coordinator nationally How We Know The Initiative Is A Success Positive feedback from patients/carers/service users – also empowering for carers High degree of interest from key stakeholders South-west Yorkshire Mental Health Trust – recognised for work and value of work in this area. Oldham adopted system and embedded practice Buy-in from Social Care in Excellence, Admiral Nursing Positive impact for transition of care/across pathways – more seamless transfer of personal information makes it easier Next Steps Publish report Appoint coordinator Develop a webpage – possibly as part of Department of Health website Prepare/plan for national launch event later in 2009

12 Putting People First Without Putting Carers Second – The Princess Royal Trust for Carers
What The Initiative Seeks To Do Ensures that we take a WHOLE FAMILY APPROACH Five PRACTICAL examples of schemes that work (to ensure personalisation for user doesn’t adversely affect family) The Story So Far Published document. Phil Hope launched (February 2009) Disseminating (ongoing) How We Know The Initiative Is A Success Outcome-focused Evaluating now Starting to see relationship between adult and children services to give a whole family approach Next Steps Working with other organisations Evaluation – has a difference been made?

13 Best Practice Bank Mentoring: Mentoring and Befriending Foundation
What The Initiative Seeks To Do Providing an information hub for best practice, all sectors The Story So Far Collated a range of case studies and other materials, such as research studies, publications etc that are available on-line Contributed to government consultations How We Know The Initiative Is A Success Influenced national policy Increased number of visits to the website Up take of national training programme courses Next Steps Developing best practice bank across all sectors Developing additional training courses in key areas Promoting approved provider standards

14 Access With Respect – Multi-agency – Safeguarding Vulnerable adults
What The Initiative Seeks To Do Facilitating IMMEDIATE access for authorised personnel in to people’s homes to deliver multi-agency care The Story So Far Using a ‘Key safe’ for authorised entry by way of a code system allowing multiple access for multiple services Also linked to Telecare buttons response How We Know The Initiative Is A Success 1.6 million homes now access this service Next Steps Looking at ways to promote Dignity in Care via training systems and packs for our service providers

15 Health: Wellbeing In Care Homes Campaign
What The Initiative Seeks To Do Promote Health: Wellbeing and Dignity by sharing good practice, developing information materials and involving relatives as partners The Story So Far 3 conferences 2 newsletters 1 publication On-going networking and promotional work How We Know The Initiative Is A Success Increased awareness amongst staff, relatives and managers and residents Reduction in complaints Increased attendance at conferences Increased requests for publications Next Steps More conferences More publications: newsletters More activities to promote multi-disciplinary involvement Embedding in core Policy

16 Anchor Trust Dignity In Care Champions
What The Initiative Seeks To Do All staff who have completed a day developing Dementia care practice course have the opportunity to be registered as Dignity champions taking forward the change in culture and practice in the home in which they work. Nominated to lead and influence The Story So Far 449 champions registered to date Regional networks of dignity champions meet on a regular basis to share practice information How We Know The Initiative Is A Success Supporting meetings Evaluating Difference being made to peoples lives: life history work, working with friends and families, creating enabling environments Next Steps Continue to train, support and make a difference Create wider networks to continue to promote dignity in care

17 ‘With Respect’ Dignity In Homecare Resource Guide And Training Programme
What The Initiative Seeks To Do Provide homecare organisations with an off-the-shelf training programme to provide dignity training in-house for their staff Provide a resource guide to give information about dignity in care The Story So Far Awaiting publication of materials on CD which will be sent to all home care organisations in England A similar resource guide and training programme has been produced for residential care How We Know The Initiative Is A Success Next Steps

18 Care with Dignity Steering Group Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust
What The Initiative Seeks To Do Embed dignity in the culture of Hospital Trust (2 Hospitals) The Story So Far Steering groups 4 work streams Governance Development Partnership Scholarship & research How We Know The Initiative Is A Success Success Implementation Next Steps Outcome measures Job Description Review/Appraisals

19 RCN Dignity Campaign What The Initiative Seeks To Do
Surveyed opinions of nursing teams Raise awareness Utilising learning resources Influencing for positive change Share good practice. Through networks The Story So Far In the first year: Events and workshops locally/nationally Identifying issues, making changes, feeding back Creating networks Inclusive of everyone Linked with equality diversity and human rights Linking with other work/campaigns How We Know The Initiative Is A Success Huge interest Positive stories and case studies Evaluation report due summer 2009 Has put dignity onto agenda as a priority Has created dignity champions Next Steps Embedding good practice into everything we do Continue to raise awareness and challenge poor attitudes and behaviours Champion good practices Work in partnership with other organisations Continue to drive up standards

20 Review of Standards and Guidance Pre registered Care and Health Around End Of Life, Dementia, Chronic What The Initiative Seeks To Do Produced standards and guidance to underpin practice to inform the people in our care services, public and professionals The Story So Far Framework Review – stakeholder engagement Pre consultation – desk research Focus group across UK NMC pre-registered Consultations Dissemination Evaluation How We Know The Initiative Is A Success Next Steps

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