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Annual General Meeting Kings College London Guys Campus, 24 th June 2009 Bryony Lamb, Chair

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1 Annual General Meeting Kings College London Guys Campus, 24 th June 2009 Bryony Lamb, Chair

2 Overview of the year 2008-2009 Welcome & thanks Planning for the future - vision and objectives CAIPE Board and Management –CAIPE Publicity materials –CAIPE Website –CAIPE Bulletin –Journal of Interprofessional Care Activities –Building relationships nationally & internationally –Workshops –Conferences –Consultancy The CAIPE Forum CAIPE Student Network Challenges and Next Steps

3 Welcome and Sincere Thanks New Chair, Elizabeth Howkins Kings College London and other corporate members for hosting meetings CAIPE Board & Executive group Administrator, Clare Stewart Vice Chairs –Dawn Forman –Helena Low Student Network –Rebecca Freeman & Nick Gee –Chris Green & Andy Carson-Stevens Donations to CAIPE

4 CAIPE National Student IPE Network CAIPE National Student IPE Network CAIPE Board CAIPE Forum Learning WITH, FROM & ABOUT - to improve collaboration and the quality of care A Shared Vision for IPE Working in Partnership CAIPE Individual Members CAIPE Individual Members

5 CAIPE Board – Roles & Responsibilities President Chair Vice Chairs Treasurer Company Secretary Meetings Secretary Membership Secretary Administrator Student Network Liaison Policy Officer Research & development and income generation Marketing and promotion Bulletin Editors Website Manager Webmail Manager International Liaison Officer Fundraiser Search for Patron Corporate Links

6 Working collaboratively, building relationships - Across the IPE community –EIPEN –HEA Health Sciences & Practice IPE SIG –The Network: Towards Unity for Health –InterEd –JAIPE –NIPNET –AIPPEN –NHSSA With –Universities and employers –Individual practice and academic staff –Students –Regulatory Bodies –Other agencies

7 An educational assessment tool for identifying the training needs of any multi- disciplinary public health workforce It alleviates siloed workforce planning Founded on the public health competencies in the PHSCF it utilises the group dynamic to identify joint training needs Consultations

8 Tomorrows Doctors 2009: A draft for consultation Consultation on Revised Standards of Education and Training Framework for Action on IPE and Collaborative Practice A review of Pre-Registration Nursing Education Consultations

9 CAIPE Forum – Corporate Members University of Warwick Coventry University CIPeL University of Sheffield Sheffield Hallam University CIPeL University of Nottingham Birmingham City University Bournemouth University Robert Gordon University Kings College London Middlesex University NHSE South Central De Montfort University University of Leicester Oxford Brookes University Essex University University of East Anglia Institute of Technology, Tralee, R. of Ireland University of Wolverhampton

10 CAIPE Forum Discussions / Developments / Actions How to involve the SHAs, LAs and other agencies Inclusion of the Deaneries Regional working and establishing regional groups Joint events, e.g. regional & national conferences How to work together more effectively to move IPL forward Strengthening partnerships Widening and supporting the Student Network Setting up a national Student Forum Committee

11 Individual CAIPE Members Individual CAIPE Members CAIPE Structure & Relationships National & International IPE communities and Student Networks National & International IPE communities and Student Networks CAIPE Student Research Network CAIPE Student Research Network CAIPE Forum CAIPE Student Forum / Committee CAIPE Student Forum / Committee CAIPE Executive Group CAIPE Executive Group CAIPE Board CAIPE National Student IPE Network Local /regional employers & other stakeholders Local /regional employers & other stakeholders Professional bodies, DH, etc. Professional bodies, DH, etc. Regional groups

12 A world class interprofessional workforce by 2015 Raise Awareness Raise the profile and support the interprofessional education and learning agenda amongst healthcare students in the UK Raise the profile of CAIPE amongst healthcare students in the UK Engage and enthuse stakeholders in the vision of the CAIPE Student Network Education and Learning Develop healthcare students knowledge and skills in interprofessional practice, communication, learning and teaching Encourage and support healthcare students to contribute to established interprofessional learning initiatives at their host institutions Advocate and support integration of interprofessional education into the undergraduate healthcare curriculum in the UK Advocate and support development of a resources bank of interprofessional learning activities and opportunities Delivery Identify opportunities and encourage a student orientation at IPE meetings and conferences Develop student-led interprofessional learning initiatives Increase opportunities for students to complete projects to shape theory and future practice as part of their course assignments Shape policy and contribute to quality improvement initiatives through partnerships with strategic planning organisations Develop Infrastructure Establish the CAIPE Student Network Gain support from healthcare schools in the UK, CAIPE Corporate members, and recruit student members from across UK Develop and implement a strategy to ensure pan-UK involvement in the CAIPE Student Network Monitor and evaluate the CAIPE Student Network against its objectives and use results to inform future work planning CAIPE Student Network Vision & Drivers

13 Student Conference at UEA (Nov/ Dec) Students taking the lead in changing policy and practice towards an effective IP workforce Draft Programme Welcome & coffee Introduction – Overview of the Network, drivers, aims and micro goals - Andy Carson-Stevens & Chris Green Students from the UK showcasing their initiatives to make a difference Welsh Student Chapter for Healthcare Improvement – implications for IPE Newly qualified OTs from UEA on the challenges of working interprofessionally in the real world / practice Welsh students on changing policy Students from Leicester on changing practice in community and acute settings Research student on engaging support from Department of Health, etc. LUNCH Workshops students setting the agenda for the Network Discussion – drafting plans and next steps

14 What do students want?

15 Immediate challenges for CAIPE & the Forum Extra funding to support students to travel to meetings and conferences Corporate members identifying students to engage with the student Forum/Committee Sustainability of CAIPE Technical support for the website Growing the membership and services, especially for individuals

16 What do members want? Individual & Corporate

17 Long term challenges for IPE - the Bigger Picture Sustainability for CAIPE & its networks Quality improvement, avoiding error, and patient safety & satisfaction Modernising education and services Traditional ways of working or collaborative practice? - Building teams around the patient / service user Quality education and training for working effectively within interprofessional teams and across agencies? Building the evidence base

18 How can CAIPE help? CAIPE has been acting as a conduit to funnel ideas, expertise and experiences within the UK and internationally ……. thoughts from HB & HL, June 2009

19 How can CAIPE help? CAIPE Participating Contributing Supporting Engaging Collaborating Disseminating Networking Advising Facilitating IP Teamwork Sharing ? ? ? ? Managing Change A CONDUIT for ideas

20 Next steps especially individual membersAsking members what they want – especially individual members Building and sustaining communities of practice CAIPE Forum Student Network Joint conferences Regional groups National & International Networks Strengthening collaborative partnerships Contributing to other IPE organizations / networks at strategic level Seek advice and support from DH and other departments on how to work more effectively across sectors to avoid duplication and disseminate good practice Towards a sustainable IPE culture Working Together for Improvement

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