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“Which is greater, the impact of the earth on people or the impact of people on the earth?”

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1 “Which is greater, the impact of the earth on people or the impact of people on the earth?”


3 5 Themes of Geography Location Place Regions Movement Human Environment Interaction

4 Where a place is “located” on Earth.

5 Absolute location – position on the globe Where Latitude and Longitude intersect.




9 Latitude and Longitude Get an atlas from the shelf. Silently to yourself…. Pick 3 cities On the notecard, write down the latitude and longitudes of those cities without identifying which city it is on the card. Switch cards with a partner Name the cities represented with the lines of latitude and longitude.


11 Relative location: its relation compared to other places Name several relative locations for Erie

12 1.40.4397° N, 79.9764° W

13 The human or physical characteristics of an area that make it unique. (What kind of place it is)

14 Physical Characteristics: Those made up of the natural environment. (landforms, ecosystems, climate, terrain) Human Characteristics: Come from human ideas and actions. (how many people live, work, and visit, language, customs)

15 Physical – Hilly Human - City

16 An area of land that has common features. (we will look at 2 types)

17 Formal Regions: used to outline governmental, physical, or cultural areas. Usually has a border. (political, states, countries, cities)

18 Perceptual Region: defined by people’s feelings and attitudes about areas (North East, Ghetto, the South, Snow Belt)



21 Discuss the following What is the difference between Location and Place when looking at the geographic themes? Compare the type of place Pittsburgh is with that of Erie.

22 How people and goods move within an area.

23 Movement This can be local such as how did you get to school today, or it can be global such as how did humans get to North America?


25 Human-environment interaction looks at the relationships between people and their environment.

26 How do people depend on the environment? How do people adapt to the environment? How do people modify the environment?

27 Discuss with a partner What are the 5 themes of geography? Is the state of P.A a formal or perceptual region? How do we interact with the environment?

28 Apply your knowledge Complete the worksheet. You are looking for examples of our area. Turn into the mesh when finished

29 Collage Project You will be creating a collage of your cultural and geographical setting using the 5 elements of culture and the 5 themes of geography. This will be created using Power Point 30 points Level 1 When finished you will add it to the drop box on the server. I will show you in the lab.

30 South of Erie

31 Collage Project Go to Click on the Unit 1 tab from the menu Follow the detailed instructional powerpoint to create a google presentation that will be shared with your partner.

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