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The roads less travelled by, and will they make a difference? Alma Swan Key Perspectives Ltd Truro, UK.

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1 The roads less travelled by, and will they make a difference? Alma Swan Key Perspectives Ltd Truro, UK

2 Customer value creation Which of the factors our industry takes for granted should be eliminated? Which factors should be reduced well below the industry standard? Which factors should be raised well above the industry standard? Which factors should be created that the industry never offered? Meals; travel agents Flexibility in changing flights; seat selection Punctuality; price Refunds if late; ticketless travel Key Perspectives Ltd

3 Even the new ones are doing things the same, as Mark said… Branding by journal Publishing articles Peer review Key Perspectives Ltd

4 The research cycle Key Perspectives Ltd

5 Atkins Report The primary access to the latest findings in a growing number of fields is through the Web, then through classic preprints and conferences, and lastly through refereed archival papers. Key Perspectives Ltd


7 What will be done with the data? Full-text and metadata harvested, inverted, indexed Artificial-intelligence augmented classification of article (enriched metadata) Articles will also be tagged and classified by users (Connotea, delicious) Text-mining and data-mining for new technologies (e.g. NeuroCommons) Citation-linking (forward to articles cited; backwards to articles citing) Key Perspectives Ltd


9 Find a researcher ….. Key Perspectives Ltd

10 Follow the citing trail … Key Perspectives Ltd

11 Follow the citing trail … Key Perspectives Ltd

12 Track citation history Key Perspectives Ltd

13 What else are researchers doing? e-science and e-research Data sharing Using new informal channels Key Perspectives Ltd

14 National Institutes of Health Data should be made as widely and freely available as possible while safeguarding the privacy of participants, and protecting confidential and proprietary data Key Perspectives Ltd

15 NIH Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG) Project Software, data, standards, infrastructure directly supported by caBIG resources must be open source and open access (i.e. licensed to the government with the government having no restrictions with regard to redistribution). Key Perspectives Ltd

16 NASA NASA is committed to full and open sharing of ESE data from its funded and owned systems No embargo period Access for the scientific community and the general public NASA is committed to non-discriminatory access to data Key Perspectives Ltd

17 Global Change Research Program Bromley Principles: Full and open sharing of the full suite of global data sets for all global change researchers is a fundamental objective. Key Perspectives Ltd

18 UK funding bodies Research Councils Joint Data Standards Study Wellcome Trust Key Perspectives Ltd

19 OECD ( Declaration on Access to Research Data from Public Funding) The governments of 34 nations recognise: Optimum international exchange of data, information and knowledge contributes decisively to the advancement of scientific research and innovation Open access to, and unrestricted use of, data promotes scientific progress and facilitates the training of researchers Open access will maximise the value derived from public investments in data collection efforts Substantial benefits that science, the economy and society at large could be gained from the opportunities that expanded use of digital data resources The risk that undue restrictions on access to and use of research data from public funding could diminish the quality and efficiency of scientific research and innovation Key Perspectives Ltd

20 Nature A condition of publication in Nature is that authors are required to make materials, data and associated protocols available to readers on request Key Perspectives Ltd

21 ICMJE (Intl Cttee Medical Jrnl Editors) Open access registry of drug trials data Electronically searchable; public access The 11 journals involved will not publish the results of clinical trials unless research teams have pre-registered the trial and deposited the data Key Perspectives Ltd

22 Atkins Report on Cyberinfrastructure (NSF) Archives containing hundreds or thousands of terabytes of data will be affordable and necessary for archiving scientific and engineering information. Key Perspectives Ltd

23 Interdisciplinary research: NSF Program$millions FY2005 Total funding3844 Mathematical & physical sciences1115 Computer Science & Engineering 618 Engineering 576 Multidisciplinary research 31 Key Perspectives Ltd

24 EPSRC (UK) Programme£millions Engineering 234 Materials science 177 Physics 128 Mathematics 54 Life sciences interface 31 Key Perspectives Ltd

25 Some interdisciplinary fields Biomimetics Systems biology Environmental science Chemical biology Genomics Healthcare technologies Green chemistry Key Perspectives Ltd






31 Usage stories UoCs eScholarship repository logged 2 million downloads 2 years - 0.5m 1 year – 1m 9mths – 2m 10K records at end 2005 University of Otago Business School Launched mid-November 20K downloads by mid-February Key Perspectives Ltd

32 Author readiness to comply with a mandate 81% 14% 5% Key Perspectives Ltd

33 Technological change Stage 1: apply new technologies to existing processes (i.e. more of the same, faster and cheaper) Stage 2: integrate new technologies into existing processes (i.e. improve existing systems) Stage 3: infuse and diffuse new technologies to create new processes and systems Key Perspectives Ltd


35 We may have reached the Miocene Key Perspectives Ltd

36 Thank you for listening Key Perspectives Ltd

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