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Global Research Library 2020: a report to Europe European Information Space: Infrastructures, Services and Applications Workshop Rome, Italy 29-30 October.

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1 Global Research Library 2020: a report to Europe European Information Space: Infrastructures, Services and Applications Workshop Rome, Italy 29-30 October 2007 Dr Jessie M.N. Hey Intelligence, Agents and Multimedia Group Learning Societies Lab School of Electronics and Computer Science University of Southampton, UK

2 From Seattle to Southampton to the sun

3 Seattle

4 Southampton

5 Enjoying our host the FAO

6 Expect the unexpected (a swarm of birds towards the Vatican) a theme of GRL 2020

7 Research is global Global Research Library 2020 Willows Lodge Workshop Woodinville, Washington, USA 30 Sept – 2 nd Oct 2007

8 Participants Chosen from across sectors and countries Expertise, thinkers – see reading list 20/readings.html 20/readings.html

9 Getting to know each other at the neighbouring winery

10 Setting scene for the hard work Why GRL 2020? Why You? An e-science Vision The Cloud as the Platform for Research - A Technology View A View from a Global Researcher Ann Marie Kimball, Professor, Epidemiology, University of Washington and Director, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Emerging Infections Network (APEC EINET)

11 When the sun came out....

12 Followed by the Library Summit 2007 on Oct 3rd Hosted by Microsoft Keynote by Jon Udell Remixing the library Abstract: In an online world of small pieces loosely joined, librarians are among the most well qualified and highly motivated joiners of those pieces. Library patrons, meanwhile, are in transition. Once mainly consumers of information, they are now, on the two-way web, becoming producers too. Can libraries function not only as centers of consumption, but also as centers of production?

13 Technology ideas to savour Demos such as LiveLabs, Live Search Academic, Office file formats, eJournal Publishing Service, PLANETS Followed by a longer term view with the Home of the Future and the Center for Information Work

14 Where to find the info: For presentations and actions Always a blog or two e.g. http://weibel- 2020-a-voic.htmlhttp://weibel- 2020-a-voic.html Intriguing how Google cannot resist these !

15 Appropriate new book by a participant to add to the list Hot off the press: October 2007 Scholarship in the Digital Age Information, Infrastructure, and the Internet Christine L. Borgman The MIT Press Compares each disciplines approach to infrastructure issues

16 Institutional and related repositories - symbols of change

17 The future is joined up: the scholarly knowledge cycle (joining up research and learning) This month I started work on our e- learning repository project - part of our whole vision of the institutional repository Thanks to Liz Lyon

18 The British Library – an integral part of our future plans for the hybrid library!

19 To illustrate the need my computer science colleague was reading a book from 1951

20 Key thoughts from group sessions Endorse the need for and encourage improved infrastructure especially technical but also social, economic Pay attention to less developed countries - thanks to Barbara Aronson of WHO for keeping us on our toes – the HINARI Access to Research Initiative is a WHO programme which enables access to international journals for more than 100 of the world's poorest countries.

21 And some of the others New interdisciplinary perspectives for the information professions Leadership development Identify proof of concept projects Need to tackle IPR issues Need to reform tenure and rewards system for academics

22 Meanwhile the external world keeps changing Wednesday, October 17, the Rector of the University of Brasilia hosted the rectors of six major Brazilian universities, as well as the chairman and a director of the Brazilian Institute for Information on Science and Technology The purpose of the meeting was to establish the foundations of a Brazilian movement for Open Access to scientific and scholarly publications: the Brazilian Open Access Task Force.

23 More in Europe A Conference of Rectors of European Universities convened in Liège on 18 October 2007 by the Rector of the University of Liège, Bernard Rentier, has launched EurOpenScholar: "a showcase and a tool for the promotion of Open Access (OA) in Europe. It will be a consortium of European universities resolved to move forward on OA and to try to convince the largest possible number of researchers, their institutions and their European Funding Agencies to engage now in what will undoubtedly be the mode of communication of tomorrow.

24 And in the US In a victory for libraries, the Senate on October 23 passed an appropriations bill that included a mandatory public access directive for research funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

25 Plan to produce a white paper/manifesto Influences: Towards 2020 Science ed. Stephen Emmott, Microsoft Research Ltd 2006 The Digital Library Manifesto Leonardo Candela et al, DELOS (2002-6)....... aim to set the foundations and identify the cornerstone within the universe of DLs........

26 Activities Further work by groups/individuals eg Open Repositories 2008 in Southampton – subject aggregation from institutional repositories Continue via further workshop in 2008 in Europe or further afield

27 Learning from each other From Europe The context of discipline is important From the US We need to find ways of funding initiatives together to tackle global problems

28 The workshop was timely! They made it happen and made it work Betsy Wilson and her staff at University of Washington Libraries Tony Hey's group at Microsoft Especial thanks to Lee Dirks, Linda Ambre, and Ann Ferguson

29 Thank you – Jessie Hey Were optimistic about the future but will first set down a joint global perspective

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