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Electronic Support for Endorsements Market Briefing 5 May 2010.

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1 Electronic Support for Endorsements Market Briefing 5 May 2010

2 Agenda today Pilot scope and timetable Technical documentation Workshops Readiness reporting Business scenario testing Q&A Future briefings

3 Pilot – no change in scope Pilot project based on marine hull, cargo and liability (defined in project documentation) Submission and agreement of endorsement by electronic messaging Cessation of paper for in scope business Bridging the management / practitioner divide Target response time – one working day Escalation process – internally to trading partner

4 Timetable – no change Bilateral live electronic transaction of endorsementsnow and ongoing Finalise project scoping and confirm broker and insurer commitmentcompleted end Jan 2010 Implementation of ACORD 2009.119 February 2010 Review market readiness and confirm commencement of pilotmid-May 2010 Latest technical readiness date1 June 2010 Business scenario testingto end August 2010 Latest operational readiness date1 September 2010 Anticipated commencement of full market participation1 January 2011

5 Technical Documentation [Marketplaces>Ops and Change>Placing Support>Endorsements] Technical GuideBusiness IntroductionProject OverviewSingle Page Summary Consolidated Implementation Guide

6 What to do next: To book onto a session please contact Workshops Additional sessions now taking bookings [Marketplaces>Ops and Change>Placing Support>Endorsements]

7 Readiness Readiness status to be published to LMA website [Marketplaces>Ops and Change>Placing Support>Endorsements]

8 Testing Overview - Recap Connectivity Business scenarios Sign off for business as usual Prepare LIVE systems

9 Testing - key developments Test strategy - signed off Business scenarios - signed off Test scripts - in progress Test partner matrix - in progress

10 Next Steps Complete technical readiness Participate in practitioner workshops Engage in business scenario testing Reach operational readiness by 1 September latest

11 Further Briefings 2 June 5 July 3 August 14 September 6 October 2 November 14 December

12 Questions?

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