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Markel Time & Motion Study. Graeme Veale & Regan Gilbert.

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1 Markel Time & Motion Study. Graeme Veale & Regan Gilbert


3 PAPER ECF 2 years ago


5 Objectives

6 Why Time & Motion?

7 Adjusters role Record the time taken for each of the following steps: Access Claims Systems Review claims docs Review policy docs Update internal core systems Scratch file/comments on CLASS ECF workflow system update (internal)

8 Its not just about speed – 4 other key findings

9 Differences between business classes

10 Processing v Adjusting time Average time spent over combinations of the 6 steps as follows: ProcessingAdjusting 1. Access claims systems 4. Update internal systems 6. Update ECF workflow 2. Review claims docs 3. Review policy docs 5. Scratch file/ comments on class ECF 33%67% Paper 28%72% Total 30%70%

11 Aborted transactions 1 in 3 transactions aborted Why? Incomplete documentation on the Repository No OSNDs, or incorrect financials displayed Class workflow inadequacies Therefore two key recommendations: Urgent need for workflow triggers Increase broker awareness & training

12 Lloyds v Company

13 Next steps for us…

14 Other observations

15 The problem with communication is the illusion of accomplishment George Bernard Shaw

16 Other observations

17 Conclusions Moving in the right direction Well placed to take advantage of ECF2 Better informed – Preparing for the future

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