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With LMG Secretariat LMG Forum March 2011 Christopher Croft, LMGS James Livett, LIIBA Pat Talbot, IUA Gary Bass, LMA.

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1 With LMG Secretariat LMG Forum March 2011 Christopher Croft, LMGS James Livett, LIIBA Pat Talbot, IUA Gary Bass, LMA

2 LMG Forum 2011 Agenda Modernisation update The FWWS Journey –eAccounts: up and running –ECF2: are we there yet, dad?

3 LMG Forum 2011 Endorsements Reviewing issues raised during the pilot Planning next roll out PSSG to meet to agree recommendation to LMG Anticipate LMG approval during April

4 LMG Forum 2011 Non bureau progress Pilot work as per your newsletter If you want to get involved, let us know

5 LMG Forum 2011 The Message Exchange Limited Cross market ownership of key infrastructure Directors: –Shirine Khoury-Haq (IUA) –Simon Gaffney (LIIBA) –Kirk Maddern (LMA) –Peter Spires (Lloyds) Contract signing this afternoon New terms and conditions coming you way

6 LMG Forum 2011 Future processing model Consultation deadline end March Contact your association or

7 LMG Forum 2011 Questions?

8 E-Accounting Update March 2011 James Livett, LIIBA

9 It Lives !!!!!

10 Production Miller started live usage 17 th January 2011 Initial problems were encountered causing Production to be suspended early in February Fixes were applied allowing Production to resume – 7 th March 2011 Steady usage, ramping up… January :15 February:5 March:17 (to 15 th March) Volumes increasing as confidence increases.

11 Testing Price Forbes, Guy Carpenter, UIB commenced business testing 14 th March 2011 5 week testing regime No new significant issued raised to date. Aon/Aon Benfield - testing to resume upon delivery an upgraded testing and training environment.

12 Testing

13 Plan Planning for next wave of engagement currently underway. BAT convoy of 4 new brokers. 3 different technology solutions.

14 Additional Reading eAccounts Introduction eAccounts User Guide Both available on

15 Contact James Livett Telephone : 020 7280 0152 Email :


17 LMG Forum 2011 Gary Bass (LMA) Pat Talbot (IUA) Date:23 March 2011 ECF2 - Are we there yet, Dad ? London Market Group

18 LMG Forum 2011 ECF1 –CLASS –ILU –LIRMA –Lloyds –XCS –Insurers Market Repository (IMR) –6850 users –6,000,000 plus Claim documents –Approx 30,000 Lloyds ECF claims processed per month* –Approx 7,000 Company ECF claims processed per month* * Figures for February 2011 ECF2 Introduction

19 LMG Forum 2011 ECF2 Core –Claims Workflow Triggers (CWT) – Notification of every change in a transaction –Single Sign On (SSO) – All functions in ECF2 Suite –Claims Workflow Services (CWS) – Identify and manage your actions –Claims Agreement Screens (CAS) – CLASS data review and response –Document File Viewer (DFV) – Fast and flexible access to documents ECF2 Reporting –Claims Data Warehouse (CDW) ECF2 Overview

20 LMG Forum 2011 ECF2 – Benefits –Improved efficiencies –Better User experience –Process time reduced - Cost Savings –Greater Transparency –Quality Management Information –Better Claims Management Capability –Reduced turnaround times –Better Productivity –Improved Claim service levels Benefits of moving to ECF2

21 LMG Forum 2011 ECF2 Timeline Overview (w/c 14.03.11)

22 LMG Forum 2011 ECF2 Implementation Status Claims Workflow Triggers (CWT) Live 22 nd November 2010 16 carriers receiving live messages 1 fully integrated into own workflow Claims Agreement Services (CAS) MAT Completed in February 2011 Deployment to Production 5 th March User Registration commenced 14 th March User Training commencing 23 rd March Rollout from 24 th March Document File Viewer (DFV) MAT starts April Deployed to production May Rollout from late May onwards Claims Workflow Services (CWS) MAT starts May Deployment to production June Rollout July onwards ECF001 & 005 are the focus Options for distribution are being examined Update due in the near future Claims Data Warehouse (CDW)

23 LMG Forum 2011 Two implementation options: –SSO, CAS and DFV using CWT into your own workflow –SSO, CAS, CWS and DFV 2 phased Approach to Carrier Roll-Out: Inaugural meeting / Initial Engagement –Agree implementation approach, timeframes and resource commitments –Demonstration of functionality –Start up pack –Engagement Agreement –CWS analysis considerations Implementation & Roll-Out –Registration services –CWS Configuration or CWT integration to own workflow –Training on a train-the-trainer basis –Roll-Out THERE IS NO START UP FEE OR SUBSCRIPTION FOR BASE ROLL-OUT – IVE STARTED, SO I NEED TO FINISH! ECF2 Roll-Out

24 LMG Forum 2011 ECF2 Documentation Documents can be found at the London Market Group view=category&id=92&Itemid=195 All of the ECF2 documentation including the functional specifications and user guides for the three elements of ECF2 will be published on the LMG Website.

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