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1 Biographies AMERICAN REVOLUTION 1763-1783
Students get their own paper for notes to study from.

2 George Washington Slave owner from Virginia
Land surveyor for the British Government Fought for the British during the French and Indian War. Sons of Liberty Commander of the Continental Army.

3 Benjamin Franklin Argued against British policies during the American Revolution Member of the Continental Congress Aided in gaining French support during the war

4 Patrick Henry Spoke against the British “Give me liberty or give me death!” Aided in the creation of the US Constitution Anti-federalist:thought that the president had too much power for governing the nation

5 King George III King of England who imposed taxes on the colonists to pay for the French-Indian War Limited the rights of the colonists Enforced England’s mercantilism policy to control colonial trade

6 Samuel Adams He was “behind the scenes”
Arranged protests and public support for independence from England by forming the “Committee of Correspondence”

7 Thomas Jefferson Member of the Continental Congress
Wrote the Declaration of Independence because he had beautiful handwriting

8 Marquis de Lafayette A French General who came to help the colonists (patriots) fight the British during the war Brought trained men and supplies as well

9 Thomas Paine Wrote the “Common Sense” which influenced the 13 colonies to fight for independence

10 Charles Cornwallis Led the British military during the Revolutionary war. He surrenders at Yorktown to George Washington

11 John Peter Zenger 1735, wrote stories that criticized a British governor that led to the debate over “freedom of the press” “freedom of the press” was later applied to the Bill of Rights in 1787

12 Paul Revere Was a minuteman (a person who is ready to fight at a moment notice) Rode through Lexington warning the citizens that the British were coming by sea

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