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Coaching Self and Others David Birch Ashridge Consulting

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1 Coaching Self and Others David Birch Ashridge Consulting

2 What is coaching? Creating the conditions for something new to come into being... Requires that we slow down and bear uncertainty in order to create a future and respond flexibly Is a joint discovery with the coach sitting alongside their client Change happens in the room when the coach offers genuine openness, support, courage and curiosity

3 Coaching works at three levels
HEAD HEART WILL What do I understand? What do I feel? What do I intend to do?

4 Powerful questions shift the nature of the future
What is the story I keep telling about the problems around here? What is my attachment to this story costing me? What is the crossroads I face at this stage in the game? How much risk am I willing to take? What is my contribution to the very thing I complain about? What are my doubts and reservations?

5 How am I listening? Critically Compassionately Seeing people as:
Hostile Inadequate Self-serving Attitude: Blaming “They are wrong/ difficult/naïve… or I am” Compassionately Seeing people as having: Feelings Needs Values Attitude: Empathising “I am curious, want to understand their feelings, needs and values… and my own”

6 A chance to practice In pairs decide who is the coach and who is the client Client tells a story about an unresolved issue involving themselves and another person Coach listens compassionately and asks powerful questions Coach feeds back - without judgment - what they are picking up about the client’s ‘feelings, needs and values’ Review what has changed for coach and client

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