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1 Child Poverty and Financial Capability Mary Hill Child Poverty Officer, London Councils

2 2 Child poverty in London 2010 The London wide response The Child Poverty Act and requirements for local authorities The child poverty building blocks Links to financial capability Parents Guide to Money

3 3 Child poverty in London

4 4 Child Poverty in London

5 5 Child poverty across London

6 6 The London wide response London Child Poverty Commission – put issues on the map; evidence based final report gains cross-party support Est. 2006 Final report Feb 2008 Regional Child Poverty Toolkit and briefing on Child Poverty and LAAs – to help local delivery Late 2007National and regional London project within CPU and Ministerial Delivery Group Early 2008Regional London Summit and London Child Poverty Pledge Oct/Nov 2008 Regional and local London Child Poverty Network and London Child Poverty Awards Jan 2009/ Nov 2009 Regional and local The Child Poverty Act2010National

7 7 The Child Poverty Act 2010 and recent developments Places a duty on Local Authorities and statutory named partners to conduct a Child Poverty Needs Assessment and Strategy by April 2011. The joint child poverty strategy must set out the measures that the responsible local authority and each partner authority propose to take for the purpose of reducing, and mitigating the effects of, child poverty in the responsible local authoritys area. Best practice guidance and a toolkit will be released in the next month New NI116 data will be released by the end of September The new Coalition Government are committed to the Child Poverty Act and eradicating Child Poverty by 2020. Demonstrating the commitment to London, Sarah Teather Minister of State for Children and Families now has responsibility for the London Ministerial Delivery Group for Child Poverty. The findings of the Frank Field Review into Poverty and Life Chances will be released in January and will feed into the National Child Poverty Strategy. The review is likely to have a focus on early interventions and take a step away from income related poverty measures.

8 8 The Child Poverty Building Blocks EMPLOYMENT & SKILLS PLACE FINANCIAL SUPPORT LIFE CHANCES The Strategy will need to: (a) consider what action is needed in each area in order to meet the targets and minimise socio- economic disadvantage, and (b) assess what progress needs to be made by 2014 It will also need to assess: (c) which groups are most at risk of poverty and disadvantage; and (d) consider the impact of policy measures for each group Meet the 2020 Income targets Minimise socio- economic disadvantage for children AT RISK GROUPS

9 9 Links to financial capability Older (>55) Married or widowed with no dependent children Smaller households Good health Home owners Full time permanent job HIGHER Younger (<35) Divorced or separated Unemployed Larger households Lone parents Fair or poor health Rented accommodation Immigrants LOWER

10 10 Contact: Mary Hill 020 7934 9707 poverty/default.htm

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