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LWARB Efficiencies Programme Tuesday 13 September 2011

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1 LWARB Efficiencies Programme Tuesday 13 September 2011

2 2 | Introduction Background to LWARB Infrastructure Programme London Reuse Network Flats Recycling Programme Efficiencies Programme

3 4 | Background Reduction of formula grant in 11/12 by £657 m (9.1%) Reduction of formula grant in 12/13 by 461 (7%) PFI cuts to London waste authorities LWARB budget cut by Defra (£11.1m) and by the LDA (£15m)

4 4 | Efficiencies Programme Joint Procurement Best Practice Tools Waste Management Services Framework Model Contracts Service Sharing Reuse and Recycling Sites

5 4 | Joint Procurement LWARB will look to develop a cycle of procurements of waste management equipment that will take advantage of Londons combined buying power A steering group will be established to help guide this process and LWARB will look to work with other organisations working on procurement activities

6 4 | Best Practice LWARB will continue to support and improve its existing tools such as the London Waste Map and Capital Waste Facts LWARB will investigate how it can help to disseminate and share good practice within London Deliver Borough Efficiency Reviews through a repayable grant scheme

7 4 | Waste Management Services Framework LWARB are working with Improvement and Efficiency South East (iESE), WRAP and Keep Britain Tidy to develop and operate a Waste Management Services Framework for waste & recycling collection, street cleaning, grounds maintenance and bulky waste collection services, covering London, South East, South West and West Midlands This will allow those boroughs, who have opted in, to call off contracts for combinations of waste management services, without the need to use the full EU procurement process It is hoped that the framework will lead to costs savings in the procurement process and cheaper contract prices

8 4 | Model Contracts LWARB will develop a library of links to existing model contracts, and where appropriate will work with partners to establish the need for the development of bespoke London model contracts LWARB will also work in partnership with iESE to develop model contracts for those services listed within the Waste Management Services Framework

9 4 | Service Sharing LWARB will work with waste authorities to develop London wide or sub regional shared services In the first instance this will look to build upon the success of other London wide service contracts, and offer niche waste related services across borough boundaries LWARB believes that significant efficiencies (financial and operational) may be achieved by targeted shared service activities amongst the waste authorities

10 4 | Reuse and Recycling Centres LWARB recognises the important role that these sites offer in providing a large range of recycling opportunities for householders LWARB will look to support the invaluable service that these sites offer and will develop a programme of support in consultation with Londons waste authorities

11 15 | Thank you London Waste and Recycling Board e: t: 020 7983 4787

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