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London Councils Apprenticeship Project Celebration Event 14 th March 2012 London Borough of Croydon Creating Apprenticeships through the Supply Chain.

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1 London Councils Apprenticeship Project Celebration Event 14 th March 2012 London Borough of Croydon Creating Apprenticeships through the Supply Chain

2 Agenda Alan Wood: London Borough of Croydon Janine Jasper: Sir Robert McAlpine Developer of Bernard Weatherill House Tom Storey: REDS 10 Apprenticeship Training Agency John Blyth: BDL Group and Paul Ryan : Irvin – Whitlock Ltd

3 Croydon Profile Major commercial sector for the South East Part of the Coast to Capital and London Local Enterprise Partnership Important office hub location for 24 major organisations and government departments Key sectors: Public Administration, Education and Health, Banking Finance and Insurance, Distribution, Hotels and Restaurants, Transport and Communication and Construction 5 million square feet of development proposed across five linked masterplans in the town centre Over 16,800 active businesses in Croydon employing over 160,000 people

4 The Croydon challenge…… Pockets of deprivation remain High youth unemployment and inactivity Increasing skills gap High levels of out of work benefit claimants Diminishing job opportunities Public sector cuts Continuing economic uncertainty Civil unrest in August 2011

5 Croydon Council Urban Regeneration Vehicle - CCURV 28 year, £450M exclusive partnership First Local Asset Backed Vehicle (LABV) in the UK Enables the council to retain more control over key developments, & ensure these meet the regenerative aspirations for the borough This includes a robust commitment to reinvest opportunities for Croydons communities & businesses; reflecting Croydons strategic aspirations First two sites are Bernard Wetherill House and Waddon mixed use scheme

6 CCURVs development portfolio Croydon town centre regeneration Bernard Weatherill House - Creates Local Authority bond traded post practical completion Taberner House - Redevelopment of existing Council offices to provide 400 residential units College Green - Mixed use development centred around education and culture – University, Hotel, Offices, Student housing, Retail, Leisure and Residential Multi-site mixed use Developments Waddon - Development management for Council funded Leisure and Affordable Housing scheme Coulsdon – Mixed use development opportunity centred around a Superstore, Hotel and Health centre 8 further sites – Currently being appraised predominantly residential

7 Bernard Weatherill House A turn-key, grade A office development (BREEAM Excellent) Supply chain: SRM (construction) & EPR (architects) Started on site March 2010, completion May 2013

8 Waddon mixed-use scheme Vibrant renewal project; providing much needed community assets (leisure centre & education centre) and social housing Supply chain: Wates (construction); EPR and Levitt Bernstein (architects) Start on site January 2011, completion September 2012

9 CCURV Developer Commitments to deliver economic benefits Employ 5% of the workforce on training and development programmes Aspirational target for 10% of workforce to be recruited locally. New employment opportunities advertised in Croydon Create and support work placement, internships, apprenticeships, and other vocational opportunities for young people Create supply chain opportunities for Croydon businesses Encourage third sector involvement in the supply chain Support community initiatives

10 CCURV SKILLS AND EMPLOYMENT COORDINATION GROUP Group established to maximise the local economic benefits generated by CCURV. Collaboration between members: Croydon Council, John Laing, Sir Robert Mcalpine,Wates Construction, REDS 10, Jobcentre Plus, Croydon College, National Apprenticeship Service, Construction Industry Training Board. Acts as a forum to coordinate continuous improvement and seize new opportunities as they arise. Developed a twin track approach for apprenticeship opportunities: - Prime and subcontractors encouraged to deliver full apprenticeships. - Apprenticeship Training Agency to create apprenticeships from individual sub- contracted packages that do not support full apprenticeships.

11 Apprenticeship ethos inherent in our culture as Robert McAlpine was an apprentice bricklayer Enhance skills, improve opportunities, boost economy Impact on local communities through our work and how we combat this Focus on how we positively benefit the local community Why Apprenticeships?

12 Exemplary reputation and repeat business because of skilled workforce Collaboration of supply chain through leadership Encourages supply chain commitment to work force training Ensure skilled operatives in supply chain Monitor supply chain's performance What are the benefits?

13 Working together makes a bigger impact on the local community Apprentices can be shared by developments to ensure their completion Regular CCURV meetings with main contractors ensures best practice Why does CCURV work?

14 Short-listing 1 workshop 1 interview 1 working interview Start work Job specific training Sustainable employment - 2 year employment contract Job-ready training CSCS Basic skills Trades overview ……..Sustainable Training Employment Pathway Addressing the Issues

15 REDS10 Employ REDS10 Employ SELECTION EVALUATION SCREENING SOURCING Setting up the partnership workshops to demonstrate interest in specific sector ability to work in a team provide overview of industry job opportunities training course assessment process salary location essential/desirable experience identify issues focus on life goals produce VSM punctuality attendance attitude to work attitude to colleagues demonstrate interest eligibility to work in the UK resident of Croydon meet the criteria EMPLOYMENT WORKSHOPS BESPOKE TRAINING JOBS CREATED respect teamwork politeness ability to follow instructions can-do attitude ability to work safely 3 day work trial




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