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Delivering Local Benefits Through Procurement London Councils 6 th February 2012.

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1 Delivering Local Benefits Through Procurement London Councils 6 th February 2012

2 What we Have Put in Place: Harrow Council Sustainable Procurement Policy 7 Sustainable Procurement Policy Principles 1.Encouraging a diverse base of suppliers 2.Fair employment practices 3.Workforce welfare 4.Targeted recruitment and training 5.Community benefits 6.Ethical sourcing 7.Promoting greater environmental sustainability Value for Money Optimum combination Of whole life costs, Assessed according to outputs (e.g. quality) & resources required to produce them (e.g. risk, price) Best Value Continuous improvement with regard to; Economy Efficiency Effectiveness Considering social, economic and environmental value = Social, Economic And Environmental improvements To Harrow Capitalises on learning of GLA, TfL London 2012, Crossrail etc Involves Cabinet, Councillors, Directors, Legal, Democratic Services Economic Devt, Corp Procuret, Procurers, Commissioners Contract Managers

3 Drivers behind Sustainable Procurement Policy 1.To capitalise on opportunities to; i.Reduce spend on works, goods and services through improved procurement ii.Deliver benefits to Harrow by: Stimulating new trading opportunities for local firms and local third sector organisations (including voluntary & community sector) Reducing the environmental impact of Council supply chains Promoting local employment and training within supply chains Mitigate any ethical risk associated with Council supply chains 2.To deliver current and future EU and UK legislative requirements i.EU Public Procurement Directives & related law ii.Best Value Statutory Guidance iii.Equality Act 2010 iv.Public Services (Social Value) Bill 3.To create a legally binding, golden thread between key Council strategy and policy and commercial process; allowing strategy and policy to be referenced in Councils commercial processes To achieve sustainable reductions in Council supply chain costs

4 Golden Thread of Strategy, Policy and Sustainable Procurement Implementation Sustainable Procurement Policy Corporate Procurement Strategy Individual Procurement & Commissioning Strategies Procurement Process; Supplier selection Contract management Business requirements Tactics Strategy Harrow Sustainable Community Strategy Enterprising Harrow Harrow Council Corporate Plan Harrow Council Climate Change Strategy Golden thread allows Council sustainability priorities to become part of subject matter of contract

5 Partnership with Economic Development Employment & Training Team –Apprenticeship etc brokerage service with employers/ suppliers –Monitoring against commitments –Links to colleges and other stakeholders –Loads of practical experience! Harrow Business Directory –Available to all, online at –Monthly email newsletter to suppliers registered; including details of supplier events and tenders Harrow Pledge –Development, implementation and monitoring

6 Challenges and Responses ChallengeResponse Keeping up the momentum Council approval of Policy means no going back Leveraging on-going political support Internal capacity building Internal stakeholder challenge / inaction Political intervention Basing Policy and activity on proven best practice where outputs and outcomes are already demonstrated External stakeholder challenge / inaction Clear information sharing Demonstrably joined-up approach by Councillors, Corporate Procurement and Economic Development Highways Maintenance, Housing Repairs & Maintenance, Gas repairs & Maintenance, Print Services, Special Needs Transport, Dry Recyclables

7 Thank-you & Questions Liz Holford, Sustainable Procurement Lead Bali Rai, Economic Development Officer

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