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West London Alliance London Councils Delivering Apprenticeship Opportunities in the Supply Chain 21 st June 2012 1.

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1 West London Alliance London Councils Delivering Apprenticeship Opportunities in the Supply Chain 21 st June 2012 1

2 The context We have focused on realising opportunities from collaborative procurement and contracting in the context of: – West London boroughs spend £2.2bn on purchasing goods and services out of a total spend of £4.8bn – The boroughs have an agreement to collaborate on procurement where its advantageous – there is a presumption that collaboration will be considered first – A high level West London Procurement Board has been set up to provide leadership to collaboration – Boroughs have funded an Adult Social Care Efficiencies Unit and a Collaborative Procurement Hub staffed by procurement experts to support their collaboration – West London Regeneration Officers and West London Strategic Heads of Procurement meet and network on a regular basis 2

3 Our Approach This provides us with the potential infrastructure to deliver our employment and social objectives We also have experience of delivering and managing collaborative procurements – for instance our Home Care contract And we can draw on the experience of the individual West London Boroughs in securing employment and training opportunities through contracting – LBs Ealing, Brent and Harrow Our project led by a working group of ED/Regen officers and Heads of Strategic Procurement We see this as an ongoing process of developing a trusted, easy to use and output orientated approach to sustainable procurement We have based our approach and an analysis and understanding of previous initiatives by our boroughs and good practice elsewhere 3

4 How this will be embedded We will recommend to the West London Procurement Board that they endorse our approach and proposals and that they urge councils where they have not done so to adopt this as policy This is a first step in developing a broader approach to the employment and skills and other opportunities arising from collaborative procurement and HoPs and EC/Regen officers will be looking at what more could be done together We are currently looking to apply the approach we have developed to: a multi-borough refresh of our Home Care framework contract; a four borough joint contract for Parking enforcement and back office services; a three borough joint contract for leisure and library services. 4

5 Needs Analysis and Findings Starting point has been based on experience in-boroughs and through collaboration. Vital to gain pro-active support of service managers by: – Communicating the policy and benefits – Need to have the tools to facilitate easy delivery of the policy – Give confidence from successes and learning on other procurements – Provide advice/support from Economic Development Officers Apprenticeship requirements need to be identified and built in right at the inception of a collaborative procurement project Putting in place apprenticeship performance management and monitoring framework is essential Suppliers and contractors need support and capacity building to deliver their obligations These need to be part of a package community benefits 5

6 Management Process Review of the forward plan of collaborative/joint procurements at West London Regeneration Officers and WLA Head of Procurement Meetings Procurement Projects allocated a lead ED/Regen officer ED/Regen lead supports identification, agreement and inclusion of suitable apprenticeship requirements Works with Procurement colleagues to incorporate requirements compliantly within entire process. This includes soft market testing, notices, tender documents and specification selection & award criteria and KPIS for contract monitoring. ED/Regen lead monitors the contract KPI monitoring and provides support and advice to supplier (through contract manager) Outcome and regular performance reports on outcomes (and any issues) reported to boroughs and West London Procurement Board (and shared at WLROG – HoPs) 6

7 Toolkit & Knowledge Hub We are creating a toolkit and more detailed supporting procurement knowledge hub (to be published on WLA extranet) which will contain: – A step-by-step process map for integrating apprenticeship objectives and a checklist – Suggested wording/clauses and approaches to soft market testing, notices, contracts, and performance management – Background information on apprenticeships, equivalency models – Communication Presentations for selling benefits, as well as Case Studies – Links to useful sources of further information and support – Contacts for information within WLA 7

8 Learning and Good Practice We have based our approach on advice from the steering group, learning from experience and good practice – Ealing contract for construction and waste collection – Harrow Sustainable Procurement Policy – Harrow Housing Repairs and Maintenance – Hounslow Social Care Cadet Pilot 8

9 West London Alliance Questions? 9

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