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Status of Sensor and Hybrid Production LHCb Zurich Week T. Bowcock.

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1 Status of Sensor and Hybrid Production LHCb Zurich Week T. Bowcock

2 Development Sensor Hybrid Mechanics Assembly Quality Control Project Timescale

3 Sensor Pre-Production Sensor(s) Design (PR-04) Submission Quality Control on PR-03 Failure of most recent batch (2 nd metal Layer on Rs) New delivery Sept 25 th (12 sensors) Design feature prototype to be delivered Oct 03. CNM

4 Kapton: Design K-03 Under test (4 Beetle 1.2) Noise compatible with testbeam (2adc) Baseline shift still large(120adc) Now bonded 8 Beetle 1.2 All chips working Fanins bonded Remainder equipped with Beetle 1.3 Minor revisions necessary Artisinale lamination K-04 Ready for submission (ex-fanouts)

5 Kapton: K-03/K-04 Need to understand possible delamination problems (not seen in K-03) Thermal cycling Bonding and production process Radiation test in Llubljana Fanouts Custom for PR-04 Price is HIGH in kapton (~100kChF)

6 Mechanics Simpler thermal interface options Cam solution integrated onto surface Aluminium prototype being tested Cam-less slide with thermal UHV grease Substrate under test Delamination during processing Lamination process awaiting K-04 production New location pins for base

7 Assembly: System Commissioned Granite plate and Gantry Vibration Free Table Slides (1 micron precision) Rotating plates Frame grabber and optics Software from Manchester University Assembly Jigs Under Design review Sony Glue Robot commisioned

8 Assembly: Bonding Jig K-03 has been partially bonded single sided 3 rd iteration of bonding jig Double sided bonded jig is an extension of the last iteration Critical step: require final K-04 on substrate to prove bonding is possible

9 Assembly: Handling Jigs Handling Jigs need to be designed Assembly Storage Transport Insertion Extraction

10 Quality Control Asked by TB to provide details of QC procedures For sensor approval this will be defined in our contract with Micron Retesting at Liverpool Detector measurements Kapton and Fanouts Tested by manufacturer (no retesting) Assembly and bonding Must await final design to define the QC procedure Integration with automation

11 Quality Control Modules Tested electrically and thermally (in vacuum) Burn in Surveyed Cables Tested on a rig Database SQL database with Web interface produced Testing the database Oct

12 Timescales: sensors

13 Timescales: Modules

14 Timescales: milestones Delay on sensor production Use up some slack 1-2 months Safety on contract and definition of good

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