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BIOCHEMISTRY.  Only need to write word in BLACK!

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2  Only need to write word in BLACK!

3 Carbon BondingCarbon Bonding  Organic Compounds: made primarily of carbon atoms  Carbon is the molecule of life

4 Carbon Bonding (cont)Carbon Bonding (cont)  A carbon atoms has 4 e- in the outer most level  So it can form four covalent bonds with other atoms  Carbon Video Carbon Video

5 Carbon Bonding (cont)Carbon Bonding (cont)  Carbon-based molecules have three general types of structures a. Straight chain b. Branched chain c. Ring

6 Large Carbon MoleculesLarge Carbon Molecules  Monomers: smaller, simpler molecules  Polymers: molecule made up of repeating monomers  Macromolecule: Large polymers  4 main ones found in living organisms Draw and LABEL this image on the Left Column

7 1. NUCLEIC ACIDS  Function: Store and transfer genetic information.  Made up of C, H, O, P, N  Monomer = nucleotide  Nucleotides: 3 basic parts  Phosphate group  a sugar  nitrogen containing base

8  There are four nucleotides A, C, G, T in DNA

9 1. NUCLEIC ACIDS  Examples: DNA and RNA

10 2. PROTEINS  Monomer= Amino acids  Made from C, H, O, and N  Same basic structure but differ at functional (R) group  20 amino acids KNOW THE BASIC PART OF AN AMINO ACID!


12 2. PROTEINS2. PROTEINS  Peptide bond: holds amino acids together  Polypeptide : formed from long chains of amino acids

13 2. Proteins (cont)2. Proteins (cont)  Function  Used to Make: Hair, horns, skin, muscle and enzymes

14 2. Proteins (cont)2. Proteins (cont)  Examples: Found in chicken, meat, tuna, and milk

15 1.Summary and 5 Things 2.Biochem Vocab #2 3.WS #1 (use pages 31-37 in textbook)

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