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Section 12 Information Duty Nikki Soyza FIS Development Project.

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1 Section 12 Information Duty Nikki Soyza FIS Development Project

2 Section 12, Childcare Act 2006 Statutory duty to deliver information, advice & assistance to parents of children aged 0-20 Beyond childcare - other services or facilities of benefit to parents, children and young people Delivered to enable choice and reach out to disadvantaged families With regard for Parents and Children with disabilities Delivered through a Families Information Service Integrated service, led strategically by the local authority

3 Information Examples Schools and other educational services Physical and Mental Health Health, nutrition, exercise, healthy choices Child Safety Sporting, play and recreational activities Parenting and Relationships Support Services for YP including careers Youth Offending Financial and legal issues Care, advice or support for C&YP who are disabled Section 12 Guidance – Annex 3

4 Childrens Trust The strategic lead for delivery of the information duty should be with Childrens Trusts. Information should be provided as part of a joined up and co-ordinated offering to parents with other support services including health, education and parenting support services Guidance Chapter 8 – 8.1 to 8.2, p. 32





9 Planning to Inform

10 Key Questions Do you have an identified lead for S12 with sufficient authority? Do you have an integrated information strategy? How are you measuring successful delivery?

11 National Activity FIS Evaluation Parent Know How Directory Families First Quality Standard

12 Provision of childcare Information User satisfaction Leading on integrated information resources in Children's trusts Strengths Key findings from National Evaluation of FIS

13 Increasing range of information Improving accuracy and data quality Targeted outreach to disadvantaged groups Linking with Extended Services and Youth Monitoring the service Challenges Key findings from National Evaluation of FIS

14 Resources Families Information Services Guru guide – Section 12 guidance – Briefing for Executives FIS Evaluation Report: ation.cfm?projectId=15349&type=5&resultspage=1 ation.cfm?projectId=15349&type=5&resultspage=1 FIS Development Project Resources: Families First Standards: Next Steps for Early Learning and Childcare are_main.pdf are_main.pdf Contact the project:

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