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Every Child Matters: Change for Children Emerging Practice.

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1 Every Child Matters: Change for Children Emerging Practice

2 To encourage all authorities to share their learning and experiences with others To show different approaches of putting childrens trust functions in place To provide practice examples of joint working in key ECM policy areas Aims and Objectives

3 Progress so far Development of Resource and Practice database (RAP) on the ECM website with over 100 case studies and other useful documents Together with IDeA produced 12 whole system journeys- childrens trust case studies Developed generic case study specification

4 Progress (continued) Working closely with other ECM policy teams, field forces and external stakeholders, established an overview of existing material Currently developing 42 tailored case studies to fill identified information gaps, outlining childrens trust arrangements focussing on key ECM policy areas

5 Key Issues and Barriers Complexity of Change programme – it is difficult to capture and provide examples of all the developments and work going on Authorities priorities are to plan, implement, and deliver the services to children and their families – this may leave little time to write up case study material

6 Plans for the future Working closely with government offices and field forces to extend regional support structures Continuing to facilitate networking opportunities through events and workshops, such as the 2006 regional Emerging Practice Events Developing a central strategy for collating soft evidence, including an analysis of existing networks

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