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Derbyshire Sports Leadership Academy. And Extending Activities Sarah Jones – Derbyshire Sport.

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1 Derbyshire Sports Leadership Academy. And Extending Activities Sarah Jones – Derbyshire Sport.

2 Increase the number of 5-16 yrs olds participating in high quality club environments Increase the number of young people between 14-19 from SSPs actively involved in sports leadership and volunteering

3 The Leadership Academy County wide academy Entry requirement 10 hours volunteering hours completed Application through the SSP – eligible from 16 yrs Young volunteer issued with own website log in code to access their own profile page on the Derbyshire Sport website Incentives provided for Milestone volunteering hours Membership services provided to all Academy members Greater recognition and more opportunities

4 Created to enhance the current SiS program by improving tracking of students and improving opportunities, support, and guidance. Provide incentives for achieving volunteering hours. Club representative training funding allocated to train key individuals at clubs how to make the placements go smoothly and be successful for everyone Small grants available for clubs that have placements NGB bolt on courses to be held after conferences on a local needs led basis

5 The Leadership Academy website can: –motivate and incentivise the young leaders –make it easier for the young person to record their volunteer hours –access more information about courses –access more information about volunteering opportunities –make it easier for SSPs to track the volunteering hours of leaders –Simplifies the reward process –Search for coaching courses in your area and county wide (bolt on, level 1 and 2) –Search for volunteering opportunities at events such as Race for Life, Derby 10k. –Derbyshire Leadership Academy members seen around the county as the best young leaders in sport

6 Extending Activities

7 What is Extending Activities? Part of the 5 hour offer: One of the work strands emerging from the additional £100m announced in July 2007 Delivered through a CSP led plan, with the involvement and ownership of local delivery organisations: SSPs, LAs, CSNs and other partners The Extending Activities plan provides the opportunity for CSPs to join up different programmes and funding streams into one cohesive plan Opportunities for the semi sporty population – estimated to be 50% of young people – currently doing 2-3 hours per week Term time programmes, delivered out of school hours and in club and community settings Focus on high quality, attractive provision

8 Extending Activities Targets National target by 2011:- 900,000 young people aged 5-19 take up an additional 2 hours Focus on the 11 to 19 age range Derbyshire Targets Year 1 – 7,410 Year 2 – 7,410 Year 3 – 7,410

9 Derbyshire Extending Activities process so far… Derbyshire Identified as a trailblazer Extending Activities County/City steering group created Series of local planning meetings held with as many key partners as time would allow. LAs, Youth Service, SSPs, NGBs, CSP Local meetings lead by PDMs Local Extending Activities Plan established through these meetings Local plans submitted to Derbyshire Sport Derbyshire Sport submit the plans for April 08 – Aug 08 delivery to Sport England – Feb 29 th 08 Planning process for Sept 08- March 09 currently underway.

10 Applications for funding Process created to allow Organisations to apply for funding to deliver EA from Sept 08 – March 09 Deadline for applications June 11 2008 Applications can be for anyone able to provide an offer for 2 or more districts. Individual district offers can be submitted directly to the local planning group. CSP to distribute booklet of offers to the local planning groups Local group decides what projects are deliverable in the area.

11 Planning for extending activities delivery (April 09 – 10) will commence in September 2008 Application processes and deadlines will be available in September 2008

12 Questions ?

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