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East Midlands Workshop: Effective Governors/Gov.Bodies Paul Mason.

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1 East Midlands Workshop: Effective Governors/Gov.Bodies Paul Mason


3 SHAPING the FUTURE SCHOOLS CAN: Deal with change Deal with resources Have implemented National Agreements Continually seek new ways of doing things Continually ask, What value does this add to pupil learning?

4 The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made. The activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination John Schaar

5 DIRECTIONS and DILEMMAS Directions: Self-managing Schools School improvement Personalisation of learning ICT Access Every Child Matters

6 Dilemmas: Local Management – Central Direction Market Place – Strategic Planning Competition – Collaboration Fragmentation – Coherence Consultation – Leadership Whats best for My School – Whats best for Wider Community

7 RELATIONSHIPS The High-Trust Local Authority OpenFair AccessibleResponsive ListeningTransparent ConsistentInvolving

8 SCHOOL A Rural Primary School – Pro-active Governing Body Key Words:Effective Teaching : Community Needs : Pre / Post School Focus:Governors; School improvement : Staffing; After-School / Nursery

9 ACTION: Audit of Staffing / Accommodation / Finance Temporary Classrooms After-care (Alongside extra-curric. activities) Business Plan Consultation with Parish / LEA / EMDA etc. Management Group Funding : Implementation. OUTCOMES : THE FUTURE

10 SCHOOL P Medium size Secondary School – Failing; Socio-econ. Deprivation Key Words:Governing Body – LEA:Community : Recruit / Retain Focus: School; Community; Governance Structure; Parents

11 ACTION: Gov. Body evaluation ---- Action Plan Clear Vision of Strategic Direction for Gov. Body to support School Identification of appropriate knowledge / skills required Focus on Parent Governors Explore community business interests to recruit Develop partnership with H.E. College to support specialist status OUTCOMES : THE FUTURE

12 SCHOOL B Medium size Secondary School – Area of Soc. Deprivation Key Words:Challenge : Empowerment : The INCLUSIVE School Focus:Environment : Needs; Barriers; One-Team; Expectations

13 ACTION: Salamanca Statement 1994 UNESCO Leadership and Governor roles Attitudes Analysis Disability -- Medical / Social models School Access Plan - Physical environment Empowerment planning Access to Curriculum Plan One - Team concept ; review of roles Parents : Finance OUTCOMES : THE FUTURE.

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