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Report on progress Stakeholder workshop, 29 Jan 2003.

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1 Report on progress Stakeholder workshop, 29 Jan 2003

2 2 Overview outreach and stakeholder engagement underway produced mock-up basic working demonstrator built demonstrate today hands-on session later first cut at integrating with geoXwalk server first cut at quality controlled list of resources metadata collection started completed thesaurus study evaluation underway

3 3 Cross-searching NGDF Gateway and its directory services Local database with HE records (sample set) GE:source service analysis stage HDS databaseanalysis stage Additional resources included: COPAC ESRC REGARD database BGS Image database ? (illustration purposes only)

4 Demonstration

5 5 Perl/PHP Go-Geo! server Web browser User Remote databases Databases local to Data Library HTML records HTTP CGI NGDF COPAC Regard Z Z Go-Geo! Record catalogue Z Z Z BGS/JIDI image collection Z39.50 Geospatial dataset cache Z Z spider Z search/presentXML/text records UDDI Service Registry

6 6 Perl/PHP Go-Geo! server Web browser User HTML records HTTP CGI Z39.50 Geospatial Z search/present XML/text records Web browser geoXwalk server Digimap server OGC Web Map Server Map vector display, co-ordinates Placename->bounding box Bounding box->placename list XML RPC/SOAP Record databases HTTP CGI

7 7 Areas for improvement in demonstrator map browse capability –improved data selection - e.g. small scale data set –user-defined box, choice of NG/LL, polygons? more data for specific geographies e.g. country MBRs, Northern Ireland, settlement MBRs geospatial interface –feature type ranking, dealing with duplicate names indexing (spatial and topic) of metadata one of the reasons for this workshop is to help identify them!

8 8 Features still to be implemented access through topic listing visualisation of subset of results –geographic coverage –date coverage inclusion of place name gazetteer record formats –output XML as well as HTML –output Dublin Core & NGDF Discovery Metadata Guidelines format inclusion of HDS database and GE:source make geo-data gateway searchable by NGDF gateway

9 9 Additional features user profiling –store results to build Enquiry-Organiser –set default behaviours e.g. sort preference, spatial query expansion behaviour searching using postcode how search was done for each record –could lead on to a more like this facility sorting of result set – e.g. geographic and textual relevance more databases to be added; worldwide datasets with UK records e.g. GCMD develop service registry e.g. dates as well as geographic

10 10 Metadata matters amended and finalised the HE/FE Application Profile of the NGDF Discovery Metadata Guidelines reviewed the GEMET, NASA, and UNESCO thesauri and selected the UNESCO thesaurus for the controlled keyword vocabulary made a cross-comparison between the HE/FE Profile and the ISO 19115 Metadata Standard reviewed and selected potential sources for geo-spatial datasets; hence, contacts for metadata created a spreadsheet-based metadata (tool) form and added metadata reference material to the project web pages for metadata providers

11 11 Metadata matters sent letters to potential metadata providers approached the Archaeology Data Service (ADS), the History Data Service (HDS), and the Manchester Information & Associated Services (MIMAS) to request permission to convert some of their metadata records to the HE/FE Application format for portal demonstration purposes converted 70 metadata records. These include 25 from ADS, HDS and MIMAS and 45 from the EDINA Datacentre

12 12 Outreach and evaluation JISCmail list established leaflet produced project web pages available discussions with various stakeholders discussions with potential metadata creators evaluation of Go-Geo interface at UKDA report and outcomes of this meeting will be written up planned evaluation with students

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