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Women’s Movement Sarah Criscuolo and Matt McDonald.

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1 Women’s Movement Sarah Criscuolo and Matt McDonald


3 First Phase: 1830s-1950s Focused on: Education Equality of work Political equality Inadequacies of Marxism Suffrage

4 Second Wave: 1960s- 1990s Focused on: Equal pay Wages for housework Control over reproduction (abortion) Opposition to domestic violence Radical feminism

5 Third Wave Focused on: Postmodernism Deconstruction Feminist postmodernism

6 Betty Friedan Freelancer, suburban housewife, mother of 3. Published articles for various women’s magazines. Author of The Feminine Mystique 1963 Talked about the powerful effects of society’s restrictive role for women

7 NOW National Organization for Women Founded in 1966. Aims to promote full equality for women and men in all aspects of society. Formed in response to EEOC’s reluctance to enforce civil rights legislation that would insure women protection from employment discrimination Played significant role in convincing congress to pass ERA in 1972.

8 Why did it start? 1840s- American women began speaking, writing, and organizing about inequality of women in America. 1919- league of American women voters formed to educate about the election process.

9 What tactics did this movement use? Freidan’s book The Feminine Mystique sparked the movement ‘Consciousness raising groups’ helped spread awareness of the movement Feminist protests i.e. beauty pageants

10 The movement’s impact on present day women’s rights Women are treated more equal in the workforce and gender roles Women can vote Women can hold an office position

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