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Swansea and West Wales Occupational Safety Group Peter Harris Micad.

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1 Swansea and West Wales Occupational Safety Group Peter Harris Micad

2 2 Asbestos Database – why? Effective asbestos management creates vast amounts of information Records must be kept up to date through CAR2012 & other legislation Risk assessment criteria in accordance with HSG227 & HSG264 Dissemination of information A home for policies and procedures Drawings and CAD Re-inspection requirement Prioritising actions based on risk Updating remediation records

3 3 HSE Survey Guide HSG264

4 4 Why we need to get data management right? Higher asbestos management costs in the long term Lower levels of compliance Information becomes fragmented Fragmented information is unreliable Unreliable information is dangerous and could lead to exposure to asbestos Exposure is a serious breach of the Regulations and is likely to result in enforcement action/prosecution

5 5 Client considerations Meets the requirements of HSG227 and HGS264 Networked or web based? Can it link to CAD? Some databases are complex, clumsy and unreliable Some are simple, highly navigable but fail as management tools The best systems have the tools for management and ease of access for third parties Consultancies and contractors often may have their own system but this raises longer term data ownership issues if you fall out Hard copy documentation should be stored on the database Security, Back up and disaster recovery – often weak with off the shelf or home grown systems

6 6 Getting data management right? Approach Specification with consultant Benchmark their performance Ensure there is champion for the management of asbestos and the database Choose a system that interrogates the data and reports failings Ensure you have the tools, visibility and processes to disseminate the information ahead of contractors/ third parties coming to site Choose an independent system of the consultant/contractor – this protects your data and allows multiple supplier access - dont get held to ransom!!

7 Welsh Water Case Study

8 8 Welsh Water – The recent Journey Over 4000 sites Historical survey information Held on MS Excel & Word Fragmented on-site plans and registers Key problems: Managing the volume and accuracy of hard copy information Limitations of dissemination of the register information to staff and contractors No formal way of demonstrating compliance with CAR2012 Action Taken: Tender issued for an independent asbestos management system in October 2012 Micad selected in December Historical records added by 3 rd party contractor Two in-house surveyors appointed The results to date…

9 9 Homepage dashboard and access to all data

10 10 Register

11 11 Detailed Sample Information

12 12 Site Reporting Console

13 13 Global view of the estate (BEV Report)

14 14 Informing those the need information most – Asbestos Portal

15 15 Checking and reporting on whos looking at the register

16 16 Results to date. Welsh Water now have complete visibility on which sites need updating and when Internal surveyors have clarity on which sites need additional surveying/re-inspections They are able to demonstrate their level of compliance (greatly increasing) Mobile devices being used for efficient updating of data on site The system will also be used to manage remediation costs The Asbestos information has been rolled out to staff and contractors for easy access to the Register Reduced risk to the business

17 Closing remarks

18 18 Make sure... The system should be easy to navigate Capable of out reporting data in several formats Allow easy access to 3 rd parties for gain access to information Fully support by experienced IT professionals With the aim of: Reduce risk to you business Save cost Increase demonstrable compliance with CAR2012

19 19 Peter Harris MSc Office: 0161 927 9573 Mobile: 07540 123 726

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