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Cycling and cycle helmets Mike Hayes Heather Ward.

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1 Cycling and cycle helmets Mike Hayes Heather Ward

2 Sources: The Potential for Cycle Helmets to Prevent Injury: A Review of the Evidence. D. Hynd, R. Cuerden, S. Reid and S. Adams, published by TRL (PPR 446) on 15 December 2009. Cycle Helmet Wearing in 2008 by Catherine Sharratt, Omar Anjum and Louise Walter (Transport Research Laboratory), published by TRL Ltd as Report PPR420 in September 2009.

3 Pedal Cyclists KSI by age, 1994- 2007

4 Pedal cyclist casualty rates per million KM travelled by age, 2005-07 AgeKilledKSISlightAll 0- 5- 10- 16- 20- 30-390. 40-490. 50-590. 60-690. 70+

5 Distribution of injury regions for child cyclists HES data 1999-2005 Head/face 44.5% Arms 42.6% Lower limbs 19.2% Abdomen, lower spine & pelvis 7.5% Thorax 1.5% Neck 0.9%

6 Hospital Episodes (inpatient data) 50% of cyclists in HES are children 70% of children not in collisions – i.e. fell off bicycle Therefore the most common accidents dont involve a collision

7 Changes in wearing rate on major built-up roads over time

8 Wearing rate on minor built up roads

9 Cycle helmet wearing in 2008 Sharratt, Anjum & Walter (2009) Child helmet wearing rate 17.6% on major roads (adults 35.3% 70% in London) Male child cyclists decreased to 13.1% Minor roads wearing rate 12% (adults 16.7%) - boys 11-16 years decreased to 7% –boys 7-10 years11.6%

10 Where do they wear helmets More cyclists wear helmets on recreational routes (still on road) than at other sites (over 50%) Type of bike –Racing 30.4% –Mountain/BMX 11.8% (75% rode this typeof bike) –Town bike 9.7% –Other 15.3%

11 Potential for helmets to reduce head injury 7% had head injuries which a helmet might have prevented 20% had open wound to head which helmet might have prevented 10-16% of fatalities might have been prevented if helmet worn.

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