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Energy Transformation By: Courtney Benson, Thomas Knight, and Andrew Thomson.

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1 Energy Transformation By: Courtney Benson, Thomas Knight, and Andrew Thomson

2 Potential and Kinetic Potential energy is stored energy and the energy of position Kinetic energy is motion, the movement of energy These categories are further divided up into subcategories

3 Types of Energy Potential: Chemical, mechanical, nuclear, gravitational, electric Kinetic: Radiant, thermal, motion, sound

4 Entropy Disarray of atoms Ordered: solid-lower entropy Disordered:gas-high entropy Potential has less entropy than kinetic Predictability of the movement of particles

5 First Chain The following energy transformation chain stems off of radiant energy First of two chains resulting from sun

6 Solar Sun’s rays melts snow, radiant energy Entropy is increased water, from a solid to a liquid Reaction of hydrogen being fused together in a nuclear reaction Sun melting snow is thermal

7 Hydroelectricity Gravitational potential energy water stored in water pushing against dam Turbines in dam extract electrical energy from high pressure

8 How it Works Flow of water makes blades on turbine spin This rotates a spindle in the turbine, which leads into the generator Then energy is transferred into electrical energy

9 Electricity in Action Electricity from dam used to power electric hybrid car Energy within rechargeable battery, electrical and chemical energy stored

10 Pistons apply mechanical energy Run by batteries, but more directly move car Same pistons can power electromagnetic engines, which are magnetic as well as electric

11 Second Chain The following energy transfer chain also begins with the sun's nuclear fusion process

12 Tree grows off of radiant energy, solar from sun

13 Tree falls, gravitational energy Same tree is caught by a forest fire, sparked by thermal energy

14 Tree burning, chemical Increase in entropy Ashes are blown by kinetic wind

15 Wind Wind blows windmill, kinetic Windmill pumps water, using electrical power

16 Windmills produce energy much like hydropower plants do

17 Water is heated by thermal energy Water is changed to steam, also thermal Increase of entropy, liquid to gas

18 Steam directed through turbine to power electric generator, compressed, mechanical energy The generator runs propellors of a large ship

19 Fan blade on a rotor, which is spun by rising steam Rotary motion runs a generator

20 END

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