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The Branches of American Government By Mrs. Gottsponer.

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1 The Branches of American Government By Mrs. Gottsponer

2 The Constitution created three Branches of Government

3 The First Branch of Government: The Legislative Branch

4 The Legislative Branch Writes the laws Confirms presidential appointments (Supreme Court Justices) Ratifies (approves) treaties with other countries Appropriates money (says how & where money will be spent) Can declare war

5 1 st Part of the Legislative Branch: The House of Representatives Elected based on state population. Arkansas has 4 Representatives: Rick Crawford Tim Griffin Steve Womack Mike Ross By law, there can be no more than 435 members Term of Office: 2 Years


7 2 nd Part of the Legislative Branch: The Senate 100 Senators total Arkansas’ Senators are: Mark Pryor John Boozman Term of Office: 6 Years

8 The Second Branch of Government: The Executive Branch

9 The Executive Branch Administers the laws Appoints Ambassadors, Judges, and other officials Negotiates treaties Conducts foreign policies Proposes laws Commands the armed forces

10 The President The President carries out the laws made by Congress. He can propose bills, veto them, or issue executive orders, which have the force of law. All are subject to judicial review.

11 The Cabinet Cabinet members advise the president and head their department. Order of succession: Vice President, Secretary of State, Sec. of the Treasury, Sec. of Defense, Attorney General, Homeland Security, etc., continuing in order of creation.

12 The Third Branch of Government: The Judicial Branch

13 The Judicial Branch The Judicial Branch interprets & enforces laws created by the Legislative & Executive branches The Judicial Branch may declare actions/laws unconstitutional

14 The US Supreme Court Supreme Court Justices are appointed by the President Congress must approve of the appointment Appointments are for life (or retirement)

15 The Three Branches on the Federal Level

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