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Christine Pasquire, Nick Blismas, Alistair Gibb

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1 Christine Pasquire, Nick Blismas, Alistair Gibb
Interactive Method for Measuring PRE-assembly and STandardisation benefit in construction Christine Pasquire, Nick Blismas, Alistair Gibb

2 Workshop Agenda 10:30am Session 1 Session 2 Welcome Session 3
Importance of Standardisation and Pre-assembly to the industry Context of the IMMPREST research project Toolkit Demonstration Lunch 12:45-1:30 Session 2 Interactive Session (hands-on toolkit trial) Session 3 Industrial users’ experiences (Turner and Townsend) Benefits of research to industrial collaborators The Way Forward (Future Research) 3:30pm Close


4 The importance of pre-assembly
ALAN CRANE Chairman Rethinking Construction

5 Why Rethink Construction ?
£70 billion turnover - 10% of GDP Employs 1.7 million Low profitability Low levels of investment High client dissatisfaction Substantial under-achievement

6 ‘Rethinking Construction’
The Report: - Commissioned by the Government The Scope: - For improving the quality and efficiency of UK construction The Task Force: - Led by Sir John Egan included only people from other industries

7 ‘Rethinking Construction’
Based its recommendations on tried and tested methods from other industries Set out a model for change and improvement

8 ‘Rethinking Construction’ – a summary!
Committed leadership Focus on the customer Product team integration Quality driven agenda Commitment to people Drivers for Change Product development Production of components Project implementation Partnering the supply chain Improving the Project Process Targets for Improvement Capital cost Construction time Predictability Defects Accidents Productivity Turnover & profits -10% +20% -20% +10%

9 Rethinking Construction objectives
Promote innovation for Performance Improvement In Business Process In Procurement In People – through Respect In the Product & Components PROVE the CASE & CHANGE THE CULTURE!

Value, not Cost- “It is not cheaper things that we want to possess but expensive things that cost a lot less” Measurement – If you do not know where you are, how will you get where you want to be?

THE TARGETS An Efficient & Effective Industry Predictable- Time Cost Quality Health, Safety and Respect for People ALL PROVIDED BY STANDARDISATION & PRE-ASSEMBLY

12 STANDARDISATION IS NOT IS A Panacea for industry problems
A restraint on Design IS The use of Tried, Tested and Proven The right fit & Fit First Time An opportunity for customisation & flair- without the risk!

13 PRE-ASSEMBLY IS, CAN BE MODULAR VOLUMETRIC NON-VOLUMETRIC (Precast, frames etc) COMPONENT MANUFACTURE & SUB-ASSEMBLY Off site Construction in controlled conditions for On site installation- without the risks!

DEMONSTRATION PROJECTS in the last 3 years… Represent 3% of industry output Have killed ZERO people- rather than 8 Have reportable accidents 70% lower than official industry rate – and 15% of real rate YET

15 RETHINKING CONSTRUCTION has proven performance
30% better on Time and Cost predictability 32% better on Quality 29% higher productivity 33% higher Client satisfaction And 35% higher profitability

16 COINCIDENCE? THAT Projects efficiently managed by committed, well educated & trained challenging people working together achieve better business performance Better business performance provides a happier, healthier, safer and more satisfying workplace

17 RETHINKING CONSTRUCTION has proven performance
Based on Demonstration Based on collaborative, clustering integrated teams attempting innovation But it needs to become the norm Simple tools for Simple People Available Now- IMMPREST

18 Measuring benefit helps to overcome barriers.
What is IMMPREST? Interactive Model for Measurement of PRE-assembly and STandardisation benefit in construction. Measuring benefit helps to overcome barriers.

19 IMMPREST overview Comprises 3 “tools”:
Toolkit A is information & background Toolkit B operates at project strategy level focusing on the project drivers Toolkit C provides detailed elemental evaluation of benefit

20 Benefits classified as:
Cost Time Quality Issues that are relatively well understood Health and Safety Sustainability Benefits from site activities Softer issues, often overlooked in evaluations.

21 IMMPREST outputs A structured investigation of pertinent aspects of a project – definition of project drivers What if..? simulations allowing comparison of alternatives. Risks are highlighted as are benefits along with what to do or not do The route taken to reach a decision is auditable Printed reports are available at every stage

22 Who can use IMMPREST? Its main use is for evaluating design options principally by cost consultants Manufacturers will find it useful for marketing Project managers/contractors can use the outputs to assist risk management and site constraints Planners can use outputs to identify critical activities

23 Other uses The need to define project drivers encourages a team approach to the project strategy The more the toolkit is used, the greater the potential to develop a comprehensive data base. The structured framework requires a more considered approach to knowledge management

24 IMMPREST does not give you THE answer (not appropriate or desirable for software to do this) It helps the team develop the best answer

25 Clients, industry and government working together to improve UK construction

26 Generally IMMPREST builds on earlier work and links closely to related research This forms an integrated effort to achieve real uptake of pre-assembly

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