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ICT Skills Pat OConnor October 21 st, 2008

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1 ICT Skills Pat OConnor October 21 st, 2008

2 The HEAs Role Statutory Body Other Designated Funding Universities / IoTs HEA DES Government Activities Agency Work Advisory Government E.U. National Office - Access

3 Expert Group on Future Skills Needs Government Appointed Body to Advice on Supply and Demand of Key Skills First Report in 1997 on Computing Reports on Financial Services, Science etc. Reports available at

4 ICT Skills Programmes ICT Industry is a National Priority Generate More ICT Skilled Graduates Based on Forecasts from Expert Group on Future Skills Need Undergraduate Full-Time & Part-Time Postgraduate Full-Time & Part-Time Improve Completion Rates

5 ICT Skills Programmes Process Offer additional funding to Universities to provide extra places on ICT Courses Competitive Proposal Process Capital & Recurrent Funding Provided

6 ICT Skills Programmes Result From 1997 to 2002 Doubled the Number of Graduates Since 2001 Undergraduate Enrolments have declined Gradual Growth in Postgraduate Output –Approx 2,000 Enrolled at Max fee of 1,800

7 ICT Skills Programmes Challenges Get enrolments back up Increase female participation rates Improve Completion Rates Good News Increasing Demand for Postgraduate Courses Modest Increase in Undergraduate Enrolment in 2008. Good take –up on Part-Time Undergraduate

8 ICT Skills Programmes Increase Awareness Programmes –Additional Funding to Institutions. –Partnership with Industry and Discover Science and Engineering. –HEA Communications Department.

9 ICT Skills Programmes Institutional Awareness Programmes –School Visits –School Competitions –Vacation Camps –UCD School Credit Initiative

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