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SEN e-Progress File CCEA, March 2009 Dunadry Hotel.

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1 SEN e-Progress File CCEA, March 2009 Dunadry Hotel

2 SEN e-Progress File Available at:

3 Accessibility Text Size Options Background Colour Options

4 My Future - Home Page

5 My Future Easy read leaflets on – –post school options –transition planning –looking for work Interactive activities – –to support the information –assist learning

6 Exploring Options

7 Job Leaflet - Example Topics: What would I do? Where would I work? When would I work? Skills – what do I need to be able to do? Training – what will I need to learn? Where could I learn? Things to think about How can I find work? How can I find out more?

8 Interactive Elements Each character is preparing for a different event; Events include –Transition planning –Planning for the future –Travel –Hygiene –Money –Socialising

9 Independent Living

10 My Site - Overview An interactive e-portfolio; Aimed at young people with learning disabilities; Helps young people think about themselves; Helps young people plan for the future.

11 My site – Home Page

12 My Site - About me: My Picture My personal statement Important people in my life My favourite music My favourite TV and films My heroes More about me: What I am like – my personality My skills How I like to learn What I like people to know about me What I would like for the future

13 My Site - Activities Users can – Input their own text Upload images, sound, photographs, video clips Complete quiz activities

14 My Site – Publish Options

15 My Site - Documents Users can – Create folders Save and recall CVs Upload files

16 Publish my Site Users can – Select content –show –hide Select design –theme –background colour –header colour

17 Publish My Site Web address is automatically created: Address can be shared with teachers, parents, friends, employers etc

18 Published Site

19 Piloting Testing Current Pilot September 09 Contact

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