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INCLUSIVE LITERACY For learners with profound learning difficulties Dr Penny Lacey.

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1 INCLUSIVE LITERACY For learners with profound learning difficulties Dr Penny Lacey

2 Difficulties in learning Slow speed of information processing Small short-term memory Little general knowledge Difficulties with language Poor attention skills Distracted by other stimuli Difficulties with generalisation & problem solving

3 Literacy learning needs What are the literacy learning needs of pupils with profound learning disabilities?

4 Literacy learning needs Small amounts of information at a time Lots and lots of repetition Concrete resources that appeal to different senses Early learning skills for enjoyment and participation Literacy activities that motivate Support from people

5 Research Project What is literacy for students who do not learn to read and write? 3 Universities and 35 schools Observations and interviews then expert witnesses, focus groups and desk work

6 What we found Adaptations to Literacy Hour Books and stories Pre-reading activities Symbols for communication Sight vocabulary plus phonics Whole class lessons Some use of ICT, films, cameras

7 For those with PMLD we found examples of: Objects of Reference Communication Passports Sensory Stories Personal Stories Life Quilts Memory Boxes Websites Picture books Theatre and Drama Technology Multimedia

8 Objects of Reference Photos removed

9 Communication Passports Photos removed

10 Sensory stories Photos removed

11 Personal Stories 2. John put on his shoes 3. His mum found her purse 4. She put the purse in her bag 5. She picked up her keys 1. It was time to go to the library 6. They got in the car 7. Oh dear the car broke down 8. They had to wait for ages Photos removed

12 Life Quilts Photos removed

13 Box of Memories Photos removed

14 Useful websites Poisson Rouge Priory Woods School Pete Wells Plasma Screen & Whiteboard Room Moorcroft School Photos removed

15 Storytellers Events in South West Open Story Tellers London & SE London & SW Wales Nicola Grove Scotland Photos removed

16 Books with pictures Photos removed

17 Theatre Experiences Oily Cart Us in a Bus Inner Sense Shysters Theatre Co Photos removed

18 Low Tech Photos removed

19 Bit higher tech! Photos removed

20 Talking gadgets Photos removed

21 Digital cameras Photos removed

22 Multimedia Photos removed

23 Websites to share / / efault.htm efault.htm

24 Useful books Photos removed

25 Next research step Inclusive Libraries Photos removed

26 Start thinking about a story for someone you work with Photos removed

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