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Owen SyngeDCache 1.6.6-1Slide 1 D-Cache Status Report Owen Synge.

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1 Owen SyngeDCache 1.6.6-1Slide 1 D-Cache Status Report Owen Synge

2 DCache 1.6.6-1Slide 2 Overview + Changes D-Cache –Has an SRM front end and a GsiFTP front end. –A single namespace distributed file system. –Deployed at multiple sites in GridPP –Based upon PNFS service NFS like server written in ANSI C –Many Java components providing functionality coupled to service in async way. PNFS manager, Location manager, Replica Management.. D-cache Updates –PNFS updates Supports New Postgres as storage backend Supports space reservation (For SRM2) –Improved configuration and packaging Requiring new configuration management –Billing Data Base –Cosmetic changes

3 Owen SyngeDCache 1.6.6-1Slide 3 Status of Testing RAL Teir 1 is upgrading to 1.6.6-1 to overcome performance issues with last release –Verified basic functionality an now preparing for performance metrics. Upgrading process tested. Verified functionality. –Installation –DCAP –SRM copy –The user interfaces

4 Owen SyngeDCache 1.6.6-1Slide 4 YAIM Installation / Configuration Management YAIM entering testing phase for new release. –For installation not production upgrades –Complete rewrite of D-Cache module (configuration changes) Based upon work by –J Mencak, J Novak,L Poncent, O Keeble, L Field and M Aart –GridPPs testing has been very useful Install differences insulated for Site Admins (Done) New features under testing (Not finished) –Three reinstall variables »Wipe PNFS Namespace »Drop Databases (Excluding PNFS Namespace) »Wipe D-Cache configuration files –Separate configuration of admin, doors and pools Planed (Not Started) –Configuring Information system in YAIM –Creating PNFS databases per VO directory.

5 Owen SyngeDCache 1.6.6-1Slide 5 Quattor Installation / Configuration Management Quattor entering testing phase for new release. –New system for D-Cache 1.6.6-1 also version specific. –Not yet committed to Quattor CVS –Written by Stijn De Weirdt based upon original work by Andreas Nowack. –Based upon Postgres 8.1 I have no Quattor experience so cant comment on solution further

6 Owen SyngeDCache 1.6.6-1Slide 6 Summary D-Cache 1.6.6-1 looks good –Too soon to say it is good, deployment systems just coming on line (YAIM, Quattor) Required for wide spread testing in next couple of weeks. –Expect to upgrade all sites soonish! For better auditing (See gregs talk?) Not curtain when –More testing/bug fix releases may effect schedules. New bug fix release due in next couple of days –Will be 1.6.6-2 Production version 1.6.6 Upgrade talk by Greg follows !

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