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How “cold” was the COLD WAR??

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1 How “cold” was the COLD WAR??
Was there really an “iron curtain?”

2 The rise of the superpowers
Before WW2 there were a number of countries which could have claimed to be superpowers – USA, USSR,GB, France, Japan, Germany. The damage caused by the war to these countries left only two countries with the military strength and resources to be called superpowers….USA and USSR.






8 The Cold War Begins WWII, the US and USSR on the same side
US mistrusts USSR Communist government Rejection of religion Government ownership of all business USSR mistrusts the US U.S. would at some time attack the USSR U.S. would rebuild Germany to challenge the USSR in the future


10 Broken Promises U.S.S.R. first to enter Berlin when WWII ended
USSR occupied much of eastern Europe Stalin promised elections in E. European countries…never happened USSR controlled all countries in E. Europe except Yugoslavia Nations controlled by USSR=satellite nations

11 YALTA (in the USSR) Date: Feb 1945 Present: Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin

12 POTSDAM (Germany) Date: July 1945 Present: Churchill, Truman and Stalin

13 Weren’t we “friendly” with Stalin??
Yalta/Potsdam Conferences (1945): Future of Europe How to split Germany 4 ways Free Elections for Eastern and Western European Countries The victorious leaders of the Allies

14 Nice to meet you, my friend!

15 If it wasn’t a real war…. Then what was it????
No direct military contact Armies, nuclear weapons, submarines were built up in order to assure protection Drills Threats from both sides Then what was it???? The Cold War was a period of East-West competition, tension, and conflict not quite a full-scale war, characterized by mutual perceptions of hostile intention of BOTH the U.S. and Soviet Union


17 The nuclear bomb gave America a lead which was expected to last at least 5 years. The rapid Russian development of nuclear technology, helped by the work of the “atom spies” was a shock. Russia declared war against Japan at the beginning of August 1945 and rushed to advance into Asia to stake out a position for the post-war settlement. This helped make both the Korean and Vietnamese conflicts more likely.



20 United Nations formed in 1945 Purpose: To avoid war and maintain peace 191 members

21 What are the aims of the United Nations?
To keep peace throughout the world. To develop friendly relations between nations. To work together to help people live better lives, to eliminate poverty, disease and illiteracy in the world, to stop environmental destruction and to encourage respect for each other's rights and freedoms. Security Council - Permanent Members - USA, Great Britain, France, China, Russia

22 Truman Doctrine: Economic Aid to stop spread of Communism

23 Marshall Plan: (1947)Help Western Europe rebuild their economies…what happens when a country is in such chaos???

24 Before and After the Marshall Plan

25 West Berlin, An Island of Freedom Within Communist East Germany

26 Stalin begins to play dirty!

27 4 Zones…but 2 ideologies!!




31 All good things must come to an end!
Every 3 Minutes 3.5 tons of food a day Flour Fats Coal Powdered Milk Coffee Sugar Yeast Salt Cheese


33 In 1949 NATO is established…currently at 26 members
Purpose: To diligently defend peace, even if war is inevitable; alliance system of “western” countries


35 NATO and the Warsaw Pact Post WWII Europe





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