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HEPiX 2004-05-23 GFAL and LCG data management Jean-Philippe Baud CERN/IT/GD.

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1 HEPiX 2004-05-23 GFAL and LCG data management Jean-Philippe Baud CERN/IT/GD

2 HEPiX 2004-05-23 Agenda LCG Data Management goals Common interface Current status Current developments Medium term developments Conclusion

3 HEPiX 2004-05-23 LCG Data Management goals Meet requirements of Data Challenges Common interface Reliability Performance

4 HEPiX 2004-05-23 Common interfaces Why? Different grids: LCG, Grid3, Nordugrid Different Storage Elements Possibly different File Catalogs Solutions Storage Resource Manager (SRM) Grid File Access Library (GFAL) Replication and Registration Service (RRS)

5 HEPiX 2004-05-23 Storage Resource Manager Goal: agree on single API for multiple storage systems Collaboration between CERN, FNAL, JLAB and LBNL and EDG SRM is a Web Service Offering Storage resource allocation & scheduling SRMs DO NOT perform file transfer SRMs DO invoke file transfer service if needed (GridFTP) Types of storage resource managers Disk Resource Manager (DRM) Hierarchical Resource Manager (HRM) SRM is being discussed at GGF and proposed as a standard

6 HEPiX 2004-05-23 Grid File Access Library (1) Goals Provide a Posix I/O interface to heterogeneous Mass Storage Systems in a GRID environment A job using GFAL should be able to run anywhere on the GRID without knowing about the services accessed or the Data Access protocols supported

7 HEPiX 2004-05-23 Grid File Access Library (2) Services contacted Replica Catalogs Storage Resource Managers Mass Storage Systems through diverse File Access protocols like FILE, RFIO, DCAP, (ROOT I/O) Information Services: MDS

8 HEPiX 2004-05-23 Grid File Access Library (3) Wide Area Access Physics Application Replica Catalog Client SRM ClientLocal File I/O rfio I/O open() read() etc. dCap I/O open() read() etc. Grid File Access Library (GFAL) SRM Service dCap Service rfio Service RC Services POSIX I/O VFS root I/O open() read() etc. Root I/O Service POOL Information Services Client MDS

9 HEPiX 2004-05-23 GFAL File System GFALFS now based on FUSE (Filesystem in USErspace) file system developed by Miklos Szeredi Uses: VFS interface Communication with a daemon in user space (via character device) The metadata operations are handled by the daemon, while the I/O (read/write/seek) is done directly in the kernel to avoid context switches and buffer copy Requires installation of a kernel module fuse.o and of the daemon gfalfs The file system mount can be done by the user

10 HEPiX 2004-05-23 GFAL support GFAL library is very modular and is small (~ 2500 lines of C): effort would be minimal unless new protocols or new catalogs have to be supported Test suite available GFAL file system: Kernel module: 2000 lines (FUSE original) + 800 lines (GFAL specific for I/O optimization) Daemon: 1600 lines (FUSE unmodified) + 350 lines GFAL specific (separate file) Utilities like mount: 600 lines (FUSE + 5 lines mod)

11 HEPiX 2004-05-23 Replication and Registration Service Copy and register files Multiple SEs and multiple Catalogs Different types of SE Different types of RC Different transfer protocols Optimization, handling of failures Meeting at LBNL in September 2003 with participants from CERN, FNAL, Globus, JLAB and LBNL Refined proposal by LBNL being discussed

12 HEPiX 2004-05-23 Current status (1) SRM SRM 1.1 interfaced to CASTOR (CERN), dCache (DESY/FNAL), HPSS (HRM at LBNL) SRM 1.1 interface to EDG-SE being developed (RAL) SRM 2.1 being implemented at LBNL, FNAL, JLAB SRM basic being discussed at GGF SRM is seen by LCG as the best way currently to do the load balancing between GridFTP servers. This is used at FNAL.

13 HEPiX 2004-05-23 Current status (2) EDG Replica Catalog 2.2.7 (improvements for POOL) being tested Server works with Oracle (being tested with MySQL) EDG Replica Manager 1.6.2 in production (works with classical SE and SRM) 1.7.2 on LCG certification testbed (support for EDG-SE) Stability and error reporting being improved

14 HEPiX 2004-05-23 Current status (3) Disk Pool Manager CASTOR, dCache and HRM were considered for deployment at sites without MSS. dCache is the product that we are going to ship with LCG2 but this does not prevent sites having another DPM or MSS to use it. dCache is still being tested in the LCG certification testbed

15 HEPiX 2004-05-23 CASTOR This solution was tried first because of local expertise Functionality ok Solution dropped by CERN IT management for lack of manpower to do the support worldwide

16 HEPiX 2004-05-23 HRM/DRM (Berkeley) This system has been used in production for more than a year to transfer data between Berkeley and Brookhaven for the STAR experiment The licensing and support was unclear However VDT will probably distribute this software IN2P3 (Lyon) is investigating if they could use this solution to provide an SRM interface to their HPSS system

17 HEPiX 2004-05-23 dCache (DESY/FNAL) Joint project between DESY and FNAL DESY developed the core part of dCache while FNAL developed the Grid interfaces (GridFTP and SRM) and monitoring tools dCache is used in production at DESY and FNAL, but also at some Tier centers for CMS IN2P3 is also investigating if dCache could be used as a frontend to their HPSS system

18 HEPiX 2004-05-23 Current status (4) Grid File Access Library Offers Posix I/O API and generic routines to interface to the EDG RC, SRM 1.1, MDS A library lcg_util built on top of gfal offers a C API and a CLI for Replica Management functions. They are callable from C++ physics programs and are faster than the current Java implementation. A File System based on FUSE and GFAL is being tested (both at CERN and FNAL)

19 HEPiX 2004-05-23 LCG-2 SE (April release) Mass Storage access – to tape SRM interfaces exist for Castor, Enstore/dCache, HPSS SRM SEs available at CERN, FNAL, INFN, PIC Classic SEs (GridFTP, no SRM) deployed everywhere else GFAL included in LCG-2 – it has been tested against CASTOR SRM and rfio as well as against Enstore/dCache SRM and Classic SEs.

20 HEPiX 2004-05-23 Test suites Test suites have been written and run against classic SE, CASTOR and dCache for: SRM GFAL library and lcg_util The new version (better performance) of the GFAL File System is being extensively tested against CASTOR and the tests against dCache have started Latest versions (> 1.6.2) of the Replica Manager support both the classical SEs and the SRM SEs

21 HEPiX 2004-05-23 File Catalogs in LCG-2 Problems were seen during Data Challenges performance of java CLI tools performance problems due to lack of bulk operations no major stability problems JOINs between Replica Catalog and Metadata Catalog is expensive worked with users and other middleware to reduce these joins (often unnecessary)

22 HEPiX 2004-05-23 Proposal for next Catalogs Build on current catalogs, and satisfy medium term needs from the DC's Replica Catalog like current LRC, but not "local" we never had "local" ones anyway, since RLI was not deployed no user defined attributes in catalog -> no JOINs File Catalog store Logical File Names impose a hierarchical structure, and provide "directory- level operations user defined metadata on GUID (like in current RMC)

23 HEPiX 2004-05-23 Replication of Catalogs need to remove single point of failure and load during one Saturday of CMS DC, Catalogs accounted for 9% of all external traffic at CERN. RLI (distributed indexes) were never tested or deployed RLI does not solve distributed metadata query problem (only indexes GUIDs) IT/DB tested Oracle based replication with CMS during Data Challenge Proposed to build on this work, and use replicated, not distributed catalogs small number of sites (~4 - 10) New design (Replica Catalog and File Catalog) should reduce replication conflicts need to design the conflict resolution policy - last updated might be good enough

24 HEPiX 2004-05-23 Questions (1) Is this a good time to introduce security ? authenticated transactions would help with problem analysis How many sites should have replicated catalogs ? Sites require Oracle (not a large problem, most Tier1's have it and license is not a problem) replication conflicts rise with more sites. It depends on outbound TCP issues from worker nodes (but a proxy could be used).

25 HEPiX 2004-05-23 Questions (2) What about MySQL as a backend? Oracle/MySQL interaction being investigated by IT/DB and others under a "Distributed Database Architecture" proposal replication between the two is possible Likely to use MySQL at Tier-2s and Tier-1s without Oracle Need to investigate which is minimum version of MySQL we require probably will be MySQL 5.x, when it is stable

26 HEPiX 2004-05-23 Current developments Bulk operations in EDG RC (LCG certification testbed) Integration of GFAL with ROOT Classes TGfal and TGfalFile Support of ROOT I/O in GFAL Interface GFAL and lcg_util to EDG-SE

27 HEPiX 2004-05-23 Medium term developments Reshuffling of Replica Catalogs for performance Replicated Catalogs instead of Distributed Catalogs File Collections? SRM 2.1 Replication/Registration Service (Arie Shoshani) Integration of POOL with GFAL to reduce dependencies (using TGfal class)

28 HEPiX 2004-05-23 Important features of SRM 2.1 for LCG (compared to SRM 1.1) Global space reservation Directory operations Better definition of statuses and error codes

29 HEPiX 2004-05-23 Conclusion In the past 12 months Common interfaces have been designed, implemented and deployed (SRM and GFAL) The reliability of the Data Management tools has been improved quite considerably We are still improving the performance of those tools

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