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OS X within Particle Physics

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1 OS X within Particle Physics
Sabah Salih The School of Physics & Astronomy The University of Manchester Manchester M13 9PL


3 OS X at a glance OS X platform is increasing in popularity amongst
developers and users on both the LHC experiments at CERN and the Tevatron at Fermilab Familiar Unix OS, no dual-booting, robust, stable Easy to manage

4 Open source and Commercial applications used by Particle Physicists
1- AFS 2- Mathematica 3- GNU compilers: gcc 3.3 ( as options), others available (g from Fink, g95 available) 5- Ichat 8-Major language C, C++, Objective-C, Objective-C++, Java, Perl, Tcl, PHP, Python & Ruby 7- RPM


6 Other general scientific software
xmgrace (Graph plotting program) Latex and Lyx Fugu (sftp/scp client with graphical interface) Emacs both native to Aqua (the Mac windowing system) and X11 ImageMagick (not really physics, but useful for converting diagrams between .ps and .jpg etc)

7 HEP Software: 1- General a- CERN Library b- Root d- Geant4
e- LHAPDF “Les Houches Accord Parton Density Function” f- Hdcay g- Pythia h- ktjet (Code by Manchester) i- ExHuME (Monte Carlo Generator Code by Manchester) j-CPX+ (CPX SUSY code by Manchester) k-pomwig (Monte Carlo Generator Code by Manchester) l- HERWIG 2- Experiment specific See next page

8 OS X and the experiments
LHC experiments and LCG show recent development activities on OS X Little effort by single individuals (even on spare time) ALICE: the whole offline software runs on OS X CMS: Iguana, Orca, initial port of external libraries ATLAS: CMT, Atlantis, Atlas distribution kit (based on CMT & Pacman), single packages of the Athena framework LHCb: Gaudi, Panoramix, Da Vinci LCG: SEAL, PI, externals libraries on Xserve

9 From ROOT (since long time) and on Fink
CLHEP, CERNLIB On Fink - (OpenSource) Geant4 From SLAC and on Fink WorkshopExercises/Prerequisities/MacOSX.html ROOT From ROOT (since long time) and on Fink

10 Geant4 simulation toolkit
• Used to simulate particle interactions through matter • Written in C++ • Software ported and tested on MacOS 10.3 with gcc 3.3 compiler –First-level porting for shared libraries in the last release 6.2 of the toolkit • Binary libraries distributed on CD (created and maintained by SLAC Geant4 developers) –Libraries also available on FINK (maintained by user community) • Fairly large (and growing) user community • The platform will become soon officially supported



13 Linear Collider - - SIMDET V.4.0 -
A Fast Simulation Tool for Linear Collider Detector Studies


15 Globus, pyGlobus, Globus Job Manager, Condor, LSCdataFind, ...
Grid Tools Globus, pyGlobus, Globus Job Manager, Condor, LSCdataFind, ... Built-in “gridification” Xgrid, Technology Preview 2 free d/l from Apple - Grid-ready architecture

16 sh-2.05b# /usr/local/bin/rpm -i edg-voms-vo-wp6-0.0.1-1.noarch.rpm
package edg-voms-vo-wp is intended for a linux operating system sh-2.05b# /usr/local/bin/rpm -i edg-voms-vo-iteam noarch.rpm package edg-voms-vo-iteam is intended for a linux operating system sh-2.05b# /usr/local/bin/rpm -i ca_UKeScience noarch.rpm package ca_UKeScience is intended for a Linux operating system sh-2.05b# rpm2cpio ca_CERN noarch.rpm | cpio -ivd ./etc/grid-security/certificates/fa3af1d7.0 ./etc/grid-security/certificates/fa3af1d7.crl_url ./etc/grid-security/certificates/fa3af1d7.signing_policy 0 blocks sh-2.05b# ls etc/ grid-security sh-2.05b# ls etc/grid-security/ certificates sh-2.05b# ls etc/grid-security/certificates/ fa3af1d fa3af1d7.crl_url fa3af1d7.signing_policy sh-2.05b#

17 This is

18 Summary OS X is rapidly becoming accepted as an OS for HEP, but gaps still remain

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