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HEPSYSMAN, July 09 Steve Jones

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1 HEPSYSMAN, July 09 Steve Jones

2 PolicyExperience For deals under £75K per order: get 3 quotes, select cheapest, with some leeway for (e.g.) quality of service etc. We just buy hardware; we do the software work. For bigger deals (e.g. new cluster); sealed tender bids. IT Supplies is often selected as the cheapest, with good support. But they have a longer turnaround time than a larger firm, and we need to keep spares on site.

3 Dual quad-core, 2.7 gHz, 64b, SL4.4, 10 g RAM glite-SE_DPM_mysql-3.1.13-0 Physical disk: 4 x Seagate 250GB, sda..d S/W Raid 1 md0,sda1,sdd1,spare, 15 GB, / md1,sda2,sdd2,spare, 8 GB, swap md2,sda3,sdd3,spare, 30 GB, /var md3,sda5,sdd5,spare, 30 GB, /opt S/W Raid 10 (Access and reliability for mySQL and /gridstore, which has storage for ops VO, SAMS tests) md4, sda6, sdb6,sdc6,sdd6, 200 GB, /var/lib/mysql md5,sda7,sdb7,sdc7,sdd7,113 GB, /gridstore

4 Dual quad-core, 2.3 gHz, 64b, SL4.4, 16 g RAM glite-SE_DPM_disk-3.1.12-0 Total of 8 systems S/W Raid 1 (local for OS) Physical disks: 2 x Seagate 250GB, hda, hdc md0,hda1,hdc1,spare, 15 GB, / md1,hda5,hdc5,spare, 4 GB, swap md2,hda2,hdc2,spare, 30 GB, /opt md3,hda3,hdc3,spare, 30 GB, /var md4,hda6,hdc6,spare, 163 GB, /data

5 H/W Raid 6 (typical) Physical disk: 24 x 1T SATA II drives, configured as 1 x 22 TB disk with 4 partitions. sda1, 5.3TB sda2, 5.3TB sda3, 5.3TB sda4, 5.3TB

6 Raid controllers, ~ 150 T 3ware 9650SE-16ML 3ware 9650SE-24M8 Areca 1280 TypeAdvantagesDisadvantages ArecaFaster, less tuningSlow turnaround to Taiwan 3WareFaster return warranty Didnt broadcast known bug (loss of access, reboot). More tuning.

7 1 gbps NICs, Intel 4 per system. Two on MB + 2 extra Each system has 2 network presences One to HEP network, routable to Internet (138.253…), using 1 NIC. Another for internal traffic (192.168.178…); busy, so 3 NICs, bonded (1 MAC) to Force10 switch (LACP). Useful when 100s of connections (cant break a connection across two NICs). Isolated, local grid, allows jumbo frames).

8 Each system has software firewall, to stop unwanted traffic (no ssh!) Allows incoming rfio, gridftp, srm (head node only)

9 CPU: ~ 20% RAM: only occasionally in swap NW: Close to saturation on pool nodes S/W: Fixes to fair shares Update to Atlas Athena S/W (14.5.0)

10 Rfio buffer sizes: We started with 128 MB buffers to load plenty of data (rfio). Many connections to pool nodes exhausted RAM. This slowed things down. Due to the lack of cache space, the disks got hammered. Fix: reduce buffer size to 64 MB. Note: big buffers help CPU efficiency, but strategy fails if forced to use swap when RAM exhausted, or when bandwidth is saturated. It depends on the number of jobs/connections.

11 Big data files: RFIO Buff SizeEffect Small- low cpu efficiency + low bandwith reqs. Big+ high cpu efficiency - heavy bandwidth reqd.

12 Small data files: RFIO Buff SizeEffect Small- low cpu efficiency + low bandwidth reqs. - head node busy Big+ higher cpu efficiency + similar bandwidth reqs. - headnode busy

13 We are ready for real data, we hope, as long as things remain as they are… Improvements will continue, e.g. four more pool nodes of similar spec.

14 atlasPool, CAPACITY: 109.98TB (uses space tokens) Space Tokens: ATLASDATADISK, ATLASGROUPDISK, ATLASLIVERPOOLDISK, ATLASLOCALGROUPDISK, ATLASMCDISK, ATLASPRODDISK, ATLASSCRATCHDISK, ATLASUSERDISK Authorized FQANs: atlas, atlas/Role=lcgadmin, atlas/Role=production, atlas/lcg1, atlas/uk, atlas/uk/Role=NULL lhcbPool, CAPACITY: 21.99TB, USED: 2.37MB Authorized FQANs: lhcb, lhcb/Role=lcgadmin, lhcb/Role=production opsPool, CAPACITY: 116.28GB USED: 11.27GB Authorized FQANs: dteam, ops, ops/Role=lcgadmin t2kPool, CAPACITY: 22.03TB USED: 12.00TB Authorized FQANs: t2k, t2k/Role=lcgadmin, t2k/Role=production

15 Atlas data access is (apparently) random, which enormously reduces CPU efficiency by hammering the caching. Must this be so? Could it be sorted into some sequence?

16 Thanks to Rob and John at Lpool. I hope it helps.

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