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ESIP Federation 101 Federation of Earth Science Information Partners July 17, 2012.

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1 ESIP Federation 101 Federation of Earth Science Information Partners July 17, 2012

2 History Formed in 1998 by NASA National Academy report recommended the creation of a federation 24 original “Working Prototypes-ESIPs” 12 research (ESIP Type II) 12 applications (ESIP Type III) Later expanded to include NASA DAACs (ESIP Type I) “Constitutional Convention” (1999-2000) Constitution and Bylaws Foundation for Earth Science (2001) Nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation The Federation’s secretariat

3 Tao of ESIP We are... ➜ Community-driven Members are the authority Voluntary No requirements No remuneration “For the good of the order” Distributed Geographically Topically Functionally Open Collegial Neutral forum We value... Participation Share your expertise Leverage others’ expertise Encourage free flow of ideas Exposure → opportunities Collaboration “Communities of practice” Innovation No institutional barriers Results for $5K! Hybrid virtual and ‘real’ organization

4 Vision Pillars ESIP provides the Earth science informatics intellectual commons to drive innovation ESIP is the trusted community authority that supports the integration of science and data into mainstream use ESIP leads the development of the science data information profession ESIP achieves sustainability through diversification, global partnerships and partner recognition

5 Governance Assembly 1 partner, 1 vote Annual meeting in Jan. Leadership elected from Assembly representatives Committee Chair elected by Assembly Chair serves on Executive Committee Working group Created by Assembly or Committee Task-oriented Cluster Self-forming For any reason Ends when the last person hangs up

6 Active Groups Standing Committees Education Information Technology and Interoperability Products and Services Stewardship Working groups Air Quality Climate Education Data Management Training Internal Education/Prof Dev Visioneers Energy and Climate Administrative Committees Constitution and Bylaws Finance and Appropriations Partnership Clusters Cloud Computing Decisions Discovery Drupal Documentation Earth Science Collaboratory Geospatial Info Quality Semantic Web Visualization

7 ESIP Community Coordination ESIP supports connections at the data and systems levels by providing a neutral venue to build relationships at the human and organization level. Wiki, Testbed, Commons In Person Meetings Telecons/WebEx Clusters, Working Groups, Committees

8 Things ESIP Does Community-generated Best Practices (e.g. Citation) Testbed (e.g. Identifiers, Ontology) Community Conventions (e.g. Discovery) Professional Development Technical Workshops Non-technical Workshops (e.g. Evaluation, Communication) Data Management Short Course/Workshops Outreach Education (e.g. annual teacher workshop on climate change) Professional Societies (e.g. AGU, GSA) International Efforts (e.g. GEO, ISRSE) Provide Venue for Collaboration and Connections Both virtual and in-person Support with suite of collaboration tools

9 Get ESIP’ed Ongoing activities Clusters start a new one! Working groups Committees Twice-yearly meetings Attend Next: July 16-20, 2012 Madison, Wisconsin P resent a talk or poster Chair a session Partnership Join Invite your colleagues Host a summer meeting Consider ‘running’ for office Contribute and Learn!

10 Key Contacts ESIP Elected Officials (annual) President – Karl Benedict (2012) Vice-President – Annette Schloss (2012) ESIP type representatives Type I – Sayeed Chodhury (JHU) Type II – Brian Wilson (JPL) Type III – Stefan Falke (NGC) Committee chairs For other chairs: Foundation for Earth Science Executive Director – Carol Meyer ( Information and Virtual Community Director – Erin Robinson (

11 ESIP Online Home page Wiki (primary collaborative space) Facebook Twitter #esipfed Global Change Master Directory ESIP data portal ESIP services portal

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