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Ovid Content Update. We know you need choice to build the right information solution for your users Customise your Ovid solution Select a la carte or.

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1 Ovid Content Update

2 We know you need choice to build the right information solution for your users Customise your Ovid solution Select a la carte or collections Subscription and purchase options Content depth & breadth Core research and reference resources Specialty and niche subject areas Archival resources for comprehensiveness No embargoes Current, trusted content Partner with worlds leading publishers Authoritative, peer-reviewed resources Integrated solution Combine tools and services to support research needs

3 We continue to seek out the best content in the world Partnerships with leading publishers, LWW, Blackwell, RCN, OUP, Elsevier, Springer Science, and more

4 Databases

5 Evidence Based Medicine Reviews Enhancements in 2007 PDFs of Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews Further Cochrane DB segment loads Cochrane Database of Methodology Reviews Cochrane Methodology Register Health Technology Assessment Register Database NHS Economic Evaluation Database Limit to evidence-based medicine Full Text for additional databases

6 Database Archives

7 BIOSIS Archive Complete backfile of the leading A & I life sciences database 49 print volumes of Biological Abstracts published between 1926-1968 2 million fully indexed and searchable records from journals, books, patents, and reports Abstracts written and enhanced by leading biologists, including Nobel Prize winners Translations of non-English source material

8 BIOSIS Archive Contemporary BIOSIS indexing Available in 3 chronological modules – 1926-1944, 1945-1954, 1955-1968 Available on Ovid and SilverPlatter JISC pricing

9 From this…

10 …to this

11 Zoological Record Archive The oldest database of animal taxonomy and biodiversity 1.5 million records of 106 print volumes published between 1864-1977 Original descriptions, including name and name changes, of living and fossil species Contributions from pioneering animal scientists Cross-searchable with Zoological Record; records indexed to current ZR thesaurus terms Available in 2 chronological modules - 1864-1944, 1945-1977 Available on Ovid and SilverPlatter

12 CAB Abstracts Archive Original abstract journals 1910 – 1972 Over 1.8 million records Equivalent to 600 print volumes and 40m shelving Re-indexed using the CAB Thesaurus Compatible with the current file Unique access to long lost material One-off purchase and lease options

13 CAB Abstracts Archive - Content statistics Books and book chapters: 104,905 records Non-journal research and grey literature: 178,077 records Foreign-language records from Europe, Africa, North & South America and RoW: 209,560

14 CAB Abstracts Archive Coverage – same as current file Biodiversity Pest control Environmental pollution Veterinary diseases Nutrition and food production Managing natural resources Plant and animal breeding

15 Global Health Archive 800,000 records Equivalent to 300 printed volumes Much unique material otherwise impossible to find Equivalent to: Tropical Diseases Bulletin (1912 - 1983) Abstracts on Hygiene & Communicable Diseases (1926 - 83) Review of Medical and Veterinary Entomology (1913 - 1972) Review of Medical and Veterinary Mycology (1943 - 1972) Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews (1931 - 1972) Helminthological Abstracts (1932 - 1972)

16 Global Health Archive Original abstract journals 1910 – 1972 Over 1.8 million records Equivalent to 600 print volumes and 40m shelving Re-indexed using the CAB Thesaurus Compatible with the current file Unique access to long lost material One-off purchase and lease options

17 Global Health: Subject coverage Human nutrition Infectious diseases Parasitic diseases Toxicology and poisoning Non-communicable diseases Sociology and economics Community and public health issues Medicinal and poisonous plants

18 EMBASE Classic 13 abstract journals 1947 – 1973 Over 1.8 million records ~3,400 international journals Abstracts for >90% of records No abstracts in Old Medline Integrate with the current file One-off purchase Pre-publication offer to 30 Nov. 2007

19 EMBASE Classic EMTREE Thesaurus Original terms mapped to current CAS Registry Numbers and other numerical indexing codes DOIs where available

20 EMBASE Classic Coverage Basic biomedical research Evidence-based medical practice Importance of case reports and clinical trials Drug development ADR monitoring Approved, and new, uses for drugs Veterinary pathology & histopathology

21 Applications Evidence-based approach Learn from earlier research and avoid repeating it Learn from past techniques Relevant to re-emerging problems Assess long term trends and changes Access records about cyclical events

22 Journals

23 New LWW Titles Live on Journals@Ovid Current Opinion in Supportive & Palliative Care Journal of Addiction Medicine OR Nurse Advances in Neonatal Care The Cancer Journal: The Journal of Principles & Practice of Oncology Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Eye and Contact Lens Online Retinal Cases & Brief Reports

24 OR Nurse 2007 New journal to serve perioperative nurses, managers, and directors working in hospitals and ambulatory surgery settings Presents concise, up-to-the-minute clinical and practical information in a reader-friendly format; helps busy perioperative nurses keep pace with the changes in their field Includes current technological and product advances in areas such as endovascular stenting, laparoscopy, sterilization, and more

25 Disaster Medicine & Public Health Preparedness The first comprehensive and authoritative journal emphasizing public health preparedness and disaster response for all health care and public health professionals Original research and high-quality critical analysis on topics such as applied epidemiology; health care services and systems research; clinical management issues; population-based triage; and educational curriculum development, testing and evaluation In-depth review articles Official Publication of the American Medical Association

26 38 New Blackwell Journals in Nursing Specialties, Life Sciences and more…

27 American Medical News - AMA American Medical News is a weekly newspaper for physicians, published by the American Medical Association No other single publication covers the same spectrum of medical news Directed to physicians in private practice and physicians on hospital and managed care staffs, in military service and on medical faculties Non-physician readers include health regulators; legislators and their staffs; staffs of state, county and specialty medical societies; administrators of health programs; and journalists Timely and accurate political/regulatory coverage and information on the medical profession, public health, the medical marketplace and practice management. Regular coverage includes such topics as ethics, practice trends and legal issues Subscribers to JAMA and the 9 Archives journals can receive AMNews at no additional cost (offer good through year end 2007)

28 Additional RCN journals Mental Health Practice Paediatric Nursing Nursing Older People Primary Health Care Emergency Nurse Learning Disability Practice Cancer Nursing Practice

29 RCN journals already available Nursing Standard Nursing Management Nurse Researcher Evidence-based nursing (co-published with BMJ)

30 MIDIRS Midwifery Digest quarterly publication news, reviews, original research papers and reprints the best midwifery information from selected journals, websites, books, pamphlets, government reports, conference proceedings and other sources allows user to extract papers from different disciplines relevant to midwifery practice and maternity care complements Maternity and Infant Care database coming soon - Ovid exclusive

31 Publish Ahead of Print online access to critical content as soon as it is ready for release, before it appears in a printed journal peer-reviewed and accepted for publication PaP issue displays at top of issue list for participating journals, with ToC Content included in SDIs & AutoAlerts Selected LWW journals initially

32 Ovid Nursing Full Text Plus

33 Ovid Nursing Full Text Plus: Context The nursing market is moving away from the a pure search and discovery A&I model that current bibliographic products represent Nurses do not have time for traditional library search Nurses do not want a comprehensive bibliography of everything ever published in a given subject Nurses do want a quick, trustworthy and simple way to identify what they need Nurses do want direct access to clinically relevant, current, practice-focused research and reference materials

34 Ovid Nursing Full Text Plus: Outline ONFTP is designed to meet these new needs and working practices in nursing Seamless access to broad base of LWW peer-reviewed, high quality journals literature across the nursing landscape Primary research materials Clinically relevant, current, practice-focused reference content Focus on growing evidence-based and patient safety agendas Full text, underpinned by MEDLINE nursing subset as a bibliographic finding aid

35 ONFTP – The Full Text Piece Full current files 33 LWW research titles Including AJN, Cancer Nursing, Nursing 2007, Nurse Educator, Nursing Management 27 on the CINAHL core title list of 86 12 LWW practitioner titles Including LPN 2007, OR Nurse 2007, Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!

36 ONFTP - The PLUS Piece MEDLINE nursing subject subset Bibliographic records for 276 nursing titles 375,000 bibliographic records at launch Weekly updates - 800-1000 new records Meets real nurses needs Everything you need to know – rather than everything there is Overlap of 215 titles indexed with CINAHLs 543 Focuses on central nursing subjects areas Indexes 85 of CINAHLs 86 core title set … and includes 28 titles not indexed by CINAHL

37 ONFTP – Look & Feel Functionality Ovid Gateway (to start); OvidSP Journals@Ovid platform (to start) Standard MEDLINE implementation – indexes, limits/hedges, MeSH Full-text linking Integration Links from relevant bibliographic records to EBMR full-text articles (Cochrane 457, DARE 181, ACP 4) MEDLINE web links to free full-text nursing materials

38 Journal Archives

39 LWW Journal Legacy Archive Why digital archives? Reduce shelf space of print volumes by more than one mile (1.6 kilometers)! Save on storage costs, as well as Inter-Library Loans, document delivery services, and pay- per-view services for your print volumes Cost-effective – less than 3 pence per article Simple one-time purchase model, with site licence

40 High Quality Images

41 Legacy Archive - Summary Full-text backfiles of 220 LWW key medical and nursing journals from Volume 1, Issue 1 through to the last issue of 1999 Earliest issue 1846 Accessed via J@O alongside other journal titles and collections

42 Legacy Archive – Summary Articles are delivered in PDF format with searchable headers and abstracts Sophisticated scanning process ensures the text and images of even the oldest journals are easy to read All article and related text has been digitized – reviews, notes, case studies, supplements and letters But no filler content (advertisements, covers) is included

43 Legacy Archive – Summary Rich subject breadth, deep historical coverage and easy online access unlock a research and reference treasury from one of the most renowned medical and healthcare publishers Simple, one-time purchase delivers perpetual, site-license access to this multi- specialty collection Cost effective – cost per article is approximately half that of Elseviers Medicine and Dentistry Archive

44 Legacy Archive - Summary Use in conjunction with subscriptions to other LWW collections to deliver comprehensive chronological coverage, including LWW Total Access LWW High Impact Journals Collection LWW Value Archive Reduces shelf space by over 1 mile/1.5 kilometers! Saves on ILL and document delivery costs

45 Legacy Archive – Sales Model One-time purchase only Site licence Ovid offers tiered pricing by JISC bands

46 LWW Journal Legacy Archive Subsets

47 Subsets - Summary All the elements of the LWW Journal Legacy Archive at title level and above are now available for separate purchase All 220 titles – available as individual Title Archives or as custom bundles 7 pre-set Subject Archives Including LWW Nursing Journal Legacy Archive, released in August As Legacy Archive, accessed via J@O alongside other journal titles and collections

48 Subsets - Summary Rich subject breadth, deep historical coverage and easy online access unlock a research and reference treasury from one of the most renowned medical, nursing and allied health publishers Subject specific collections give institutions the opportunity to access the relevant parts of the main Archive at a lower price Simple, one-time purchase delivers perpetual, site-license access to the collection

49 Subsets - Summary Use in conjunction with subscriptions to other Ovid collections to deliver comprehensive chronological coverage, including LWW Total Access LWW High Impact Journals Collection LWW Value Archive Subject journal collections

50 Subject Archives LWW Nursing Journal Legacy Archive LWW High Impact Journal Collection Legacy Archive LWW Cardiology and Hematology Journal Legacy Archive LWW Orthopedics Journal Legacy Archive LWW Pediatrics Journal Legacy Archive LWW Obstetrics & Gynecology Journal Legacy Archive LWW Psychology, Psychiatry and Neurology Journal Legacy Archive

51 Adis journals archive pharmacology, therapeutics and disease management titles such as Drugs, Clinical Drug Investigation, and Clinical Pharmacokinetics among the most cited publications in their fields original articles, authoritative reviews, drug profiles and evaluations Coming soon to Ovid

52 Books

53 JISC national e-books observatory collection of ten medical e-books published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins cross-section of key medical fields listed in Core Collection of Medical Books (2006)

54 2007 New Titles >150 titles added or updated this year (so far), including: Abnormal Skeletal Phenotypes (Springer) Clinical Cardiac MRI (Springer) Current Diagnosis & Treatment in Sports Medicine (McGraw-Hill) Diagnostic Neuropathology Smears (LWW) Disaster Medicine (LWW) Fundamentals of Pediatric Cardiology (LWW)

55 800+ Springer Titles Ovid and Springer partnership More than 800 highly regarded titles in earth & life sciences, medicine, and public healthcare information Titles coming to Books@Ovid now Humana titles will be coming under same licence All titles will be available via subscription or purchase

56 Ovid and OUP expanded partnership Over 300 OUP medical and health science titles 80 new titles for subscription and sale All titles will be available via subscription or purchase 300+ Oxford University Press Titles

57 New Oxford Handbooks Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine Oxford Handbook of Clinical Examination and Practical Skills Oxford Handbook of Occupational Health Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine Oxford Handbook of Transcranial Stimulation

58 New Oxford Handbooks Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery Oxford Handbook of Gastrointestinal Nursing Oxford Handbook of Clinical Skills in Nursing Oxford Handbook of Cancer Nursing Oxford Handbook of Primary Care and Community Nursing Oxford Handbook of Cardiac Nursing

59 New Books from LWW

60 eBook Purchase Model Over 750 titles available in medicine, nursing and allied health – great breadth of coverage Custom selections from 5 titles to 200+ Current editions Right to download and host locally (image or XML) after 1 year Search purchase and subscription titles together Pricing model based on number of titles and institution size Site licence

61 Other full-text resources

62 CAB Abstracts Plus The full-text enhancement for CAB Abstracts on Ovid Gateway and SilverPlatter A bundle of products - also available individually Must have CAB Abstracts subscription

63 CAB Abstracts Plus Subscription based products: CAB Abstracts Full Text Select CAB Reviews CAB Reviews Archive Distribution Maps of Plant Diseases Distribution Maps of Plant Pests Descriptions of Fungi and Bacteria

64 CAB Abstracts Full Text Select A collection of hard-to-find third-party and grey literature Journals, conferences, reports Currently 20,000 articles Building by 10,000 articles / year PDF version of full article

65 CAB Abstracts Full Text Select Most journals start from 2005 volume Content selection aligns with CAB Abstracts vets, animal science, agriculture, crop protection, horticulture, plant and animal breeding, soils 100+ journals accepted as of today Truly international: Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, India, Pakistan, Iran, Korea, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Tanzania, Egypt

66 CAB Reviews Perspectives in Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Nutrition and Natural Resources Complements coverage of CAB Abstracts Analysis and information on the current research Exclusively electronic publication Linked from CAB Abstracts Field codes (e.g. FR, SC) limit to full text

67 CAB Reviews: Content International editorial advisory board Peer reviewed 80 reviews available on launch (from 2003-2006) 100 new reviews per year Builds forward from 2004

68 Sample new Reviews Organic sector in Ukraine: a summary of the present state, challenges and strategy discussions Parasitic diseases of cats and dogs in the tropics Biofortified crops Can dietary fibre improve glycaemic control? Cattle slaughtering and BSE risk

69 Distribution Maps of Plant Pests and Plant Diseases Current print product started 1942 (DMPD) & 1951 (DMPP) The definitive source - essential for quarantine and other hygiene users 665 DMP Pests to date - 18 added p.a. 940 DMP Diseases - 36 added p.a.

70 Descriptions of Fungi and Bacteria Current product in print started in 1964 Plant pathologist, vet/med mycologists Over 1600 descriptions with 40 added p.a.

71 PsycCRITIQUES Full text reviews of current books, film, video, and software Online replacement of the APAs Contemporary Psychology journal Approximately 80 new reviews per month Backfile of 5,000 reviews from 1994 forwards Complements other APA resources – PsycINFO, PsycBOOKS, PsycARTICLES Now loaded on Ovid and SilverPlatter

72 Coming Soon - PsycEXTRA Grey literature database ~100,000 conference proceedings & papers, technical, annual, and research reports, policy statements, newsletters, brochures, and press releases - published outside the peer reviewed publication. hard-to-find literature, not widely available outside a published web site. single access point, to materials from hundreds of content providers. Federal, state, public and private organisations Working with British Library and Canadian organisations Permanent archive for ephemeral literature No overlap with PsycINFO ?70% content is full-text: >600,000 PDFs Indexing and controlled vocabulary make this content easy to retrieve.

73 Primal Picture: Unprecedented 3-D Anatomy Visualisation Tool Anatomical models support layering, labeling, and 360° rotation Unprecedented tool for teaching anatomy Clinicians, clinicians-in- training, and patient education

74 2 New Primal Pictures Modules 3D Head & Neck with Basic Neuroanatomy Anatomy for Acupuncture

75 3D Head & Neck with Basic Neuroanatomy Complements and extends the existing Head and Neck module covering head, neck, face, ear, nose, throat, eye, cranial nerves, sinuses, teeth and brain. Over 90 anatomical views, including the external middle and inner ear, oral cavity, orbit and eyes and larynx 6 views of the brain including the meninges, cerebellum, brain stem, dural folds, cortex, limbic system and blood vessels 20 functional anatomy animations MRI sections of the head and neck in all 3 planes

76 Anatomy for Acupuncture 3D models of the positions of 88 of the most commonly used acupuncture points, including: full musculoskeletal and vascular anatomy to show correct needle passage links to descriptive text covering all relevant muscles, ligaments, bones, attachments, capsules and vessels Highlighting a further 324 named needle points. Anatomical alerts for points where damage would be caused by incorrect direction or depth of needle insertion. Detailed cross-sectional views showing needle relationships to anatomic structures are presented for: head and neck, trunk, shoulder, upper and lower limbs

77 Content + Tools + Services

78 Thank You!

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