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1 SESSION 6 Using tables and graphs in project work.

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1 1 SESSION 6 Using tables and graphs in project work

2 2 Objectives Be able to: Store graphs in memory Combine different graphs stored in memory into one file Transfer graphs and tables to reports

3 3 Saving graphs in memory A graph in Stata is stored in memory, but making another graph overwrites it. Multiple graphs can be stored in memory using the option, name( ), e.g. histogram q46 if q46<900, percent normal name(histland) To redisplay a graph with name histland (say), use the command. graph display histland See graphs in next slide

4 4 Two different graphs can be displayed on screen

5 5 Combining two different graphs into one file for comparision Assume the 2 graphs to combine are histland and boxland Use Graphics => Table of graphs In the dialogue box under Graphs to combine type the names of the 2 graphs ie histland and boxland separated by a space To name the combined graphs, go to the Overall tab and put the desired name under Name of graph then click OK

6 6 Combined graph

7 7 Transfer of graphs to reports Need to export your graph to a word processing document, as an enhanced metafile. Such a file has extension.emf One method (Method 1) is as follows: Display the graph Click on the File button on the menu bar Select Save As… from the drop down list Enter a file name and choose the appropriate Save as type from the drop down list.

8 8 Including a graph in MS WORD To include the saved graph in a WORD document: Open the document and place your cursor where you want to put the graph Use the menu sequence Insert Picture From File… Browse to select the graph you saved and click OK. Practice these steps for a graph of your choice.

9 9 Method 2 for exporting graphs A second method is as follows: While the graph is displayed use Edit Copy Graph, Then go to the WORD document and Use Edit Paste This will paste your graph in your document.

10 10 Transfer of tables to reports Highlight the table you want to transfer in the Results window Right chick on the highlighted table and select Copy table… To include your table in a WORD document: open it. Go to Edit Paste or Paste Special Format table appropriately

11 11 Back to the project work You should now move to your project work and use the appropriate tables and graphics to produce some of the analyses related to your objectives.

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