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What is Geography??? 5 Themes of Geography.

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1 What is Geography??? 5 Themes of Geography

2 What is Geography? Geography = the study of people, places and the environment Geography comes from 2 Greek words “Geo” = Earth “graphy” = Writing Geography = writing about the Earth

3 Two Types of Geography Physical Geography Cultural Geography
Location, Landforms Cultural Geography Human Characteristics, Regions, Movement

4 5 Themes of Geography 1 - Location
Geography helps you think of things spatially Where things are located and how they got there.

5 2 Types of Location Absolute Location Relative Location
EXACT place on Earth something can be found using latitude and longitude Melbourne, Australia = 38S, 145E Relative Location Location of one place in relation to another place. Canada is north of the United States Giving directions to your house We use this one the most!!!

6 5 Themes of Geography 2 – Place
Changes over time based on human and physical characteristics (features) Volcanoes erupt, glaciers move, forests burn People build new cities and expand old cities

7 2 Types of Place Physical Characteristics
Climate (typical weather over long period) Landforms Bodies of water Plant/animal life Human/Cultural Characteristics Cities, towns, governments, cultural traditions Human created features

8 5 Themes of Geography 3 – Region Geographers group places into regions
Region = a group of places that have physical features or human characteristics in common Geographers compare regions to understand the differences and similarities among them. Geographer interested in language may group countries based on the language they speak.

9 2 Types of Regions Natural Regions
10 natural regions based on a unique combination of plant/animal life and climate


11 2 Types of Regions Cultural Regions
An area in the world where many people share similar beliefs, history, and languages There may be multiculturalism in one region – but one overall cultural trait (USA)


13 5 Themes of Geography 4 – Movement
The movement of people, goods, ideas as well as plants, animals and other physical features.

14 Migrate vs. Emigrate Migrate = move from one area to another usually within a country Emigrate = to move from one country or region to another (leaving) Permanent intentions People take with them their customs and ideas Immigrate = to come to a country of which you are not a native to live (coming)


16 Push – Pull Theory Push = problems in one place push people out
Poverty, overcrowding, lack of jobs, schools, prejudice, war Pull = better opportunities pull people to a new place Higher standard of living, employment, rights, freedoms, safety Irish potato famine (1.5 million in 1840’s-1850’s) Cubans flee for Florida


18 Barriers to Movement Natural barriers can prevent people from migrating Difficult Mountain ranges, canyons, raging rivers Easier Oceans, lakes, navigable rivers, flat land

19 5 Themes of Geography 5 – Human-Environment Interaction
The interaction between the people and their environment How people affect their environment & how the environment affects people. Can be positive and negative Planting trees, irrigation = positive Clear-cutting trees = negative Occurs because humans depend on, adapt to and modify the world around them.

20 Human Adaptation Humans have often adapted their way of life to their environment What they wear, eat, do to make a living Modern technology has made a close adaptation to the environment not as necessary

21 Interaction People and the environment continually interact with each other Public transportation Less gas consumed Less air pollution Healthier lives for people

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