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Insert footer on Slide Master1 Claire Jones &Tania Lyden Careers Education at Reading Sandhya Tanna.

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1 Insert footer on Slide Master1 Claire Jones &Tania Lyden Careers Education at Reading Sandhya Tanna

2 Insert footer on Slide Master2 Todays session Old and new CMS Blended learning Group activities VLE Destinations Assignments Ways forward

3 Insert footer on Slide Master3 What does CMS aim to achieve? ETHOS: We help you get where you want to be … 1. Identify student's skills, interests and motivations in the context of career decision making 2. Explore options open to student and identify the skills and qualities required 3. Identify/research different sources of vacancy information and recruitment methods used by employers, opportunity and course providers 4. Identify those skills individual student may need to develop further in order to achieve personal career goals 5. Relate student's skills to chosen opportunity 6. Evaluate how (student's) personal priorities and constraints may affect career decisions and to formulate the action needed to achieve career goals. 7. Recognise/demonstrate what makes an effective application 8. Identify/perform effectively in recruitment and selection process 9. Recognise purpose and process of interviews and to identify strategies for self presentation This is very focused on the traditional DOTS model decision making opportunities, transition, self awareness and is very knowledge based.

4 Insert footer on Slide Master4 CMS aims to be… Experiential Relevant Diagnostic Generation Y friendly Make explicit links to the curriculum Tailored Timely Reflect the subject teaching style Put students in the employers shoes Engaging and fun A shared experience Encourage students to create their own agenda (anonymous post-its) Visually stimulating Linked to the outside world with alumni and employer input Tailored with formative and summative assignments

5 Insert footer on Slide Master5 Blended learning CMS taught sessions Tailored online work via Blackboard Three Assignments 5 credits

6 Insert footer on Slide Master6 Examples of group work activities Ask students to create their own agenda MBTI concepts to help students identify possible jobs Fears, hopes and expectations Peer presentations Critique CVs and application forms Speed networking events Careers Anchors linked to job roles Research exercises Mapping your networks Negotiation activities Providing a workshop menu Graduate case studies analysing different approaches to career planning NLP exercises Well researched alumni /employers

7 Insert footer on Slide Master7 Tailored assignments 1. Skills, values and interests linked to occupations e.g. Human Traces, Your Self Portrait 2. Create an advert selling yourself 3. Annotated CV and Covering Letter for work experience 4. Virtual interview 5. How to gain Chartered Status 6. Application form for residencies 7. Compare and contrast jobs with explicit references to skills, motivations and interests 8. Primary and oral research job study 9. Meet the professionals assignment 10. Mature students to reflect on careers theories reflective questions on MBTI careers dossier

8 Insert footer on Slide Master8

9 9

10 10 How is CMS performing? THE VAST MAJORITY OF STUDENTS ENGAGE PRODUCTIVELY WITH CMS. 80% thought level of session was just right 75% said CMS stimulated their career thinking 85% thought it provided good value for the time they put in Average attendance 72% Over 60 employers involved in CMS in 07/08

11 Insert footer on Slide Master11 The 15-20% who dont... ConfusedCynicalNot nowSorted? I know what I want to do I dont see why Im here What could I possibly find out today? I have no idea what I want to do I hate talking about myself – this is going to be purgatory I hate the idea of work so Id rather not talk about it This is all a bit of a waste of time – Ive got a course deadline to meet My friend told me this was a pointless module You cant teach me how to get a job! Ill get around to it…eventually All sorted thanks… Someone will sort it out for me

12 Insert footer on Slide Master12 Ways forward Diagnostic tools Taught sessions e.g. workshops menu, networking sessions Incorporating coaching techniques i.e. to raise aspirations Tailor CAS activities around CMS Assignments – tailored, offer awards for progression Develop our VLE Feeding the success of CMS into Destinations e.g. video clips Meet the needs of mature, disabled and international students Further work with academics Roll out CMS and an interactive VLE to all years Final year and graduate workshops

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